Repurpose items to help with common household needs

You have a home, sometimes you have household needs. Some household needs are huge, like a new roof. Some household issues are small, like fruit flies. Instead of spending a ton of cash on the smaller household needs, consider unique ways to repurpose items in your house. The simplest household items are capable of new life in a variety of ways!

Repurpose items to help with common household needs

Repurpose items to help with common household needs

Using apple cider vinegar as a fruit fly trap

Ever thought about how to use apple cider vinegar once a recipe you made ONCE, is done? I’ve got some news for you! You can use apple cider vinegar as a fruit fly trap! Instead of buying expensive traps, that never seem to work, repurpose your apple cider vinegar out. Pull out a bowl, fill it with apple cider vinegar, and a drop dish soap. I kid you not. You can leave the bowl on your kitchen counter, or close to the area you’re having fruit fly issues in. Once it’s in position, add a drop of dish soap into it to kill the surface tension of the liquid. This allows fruit flies to sink, and drown. As soon as they smell the mix they’ll fly over, attempt to land, and drown. It may seem cruel, but it’s a very efficient way of eliminating them from your home.

Using uncooked spaghetti to light candles

If you planned a romantic evening, or a birthday cake needs to be set aflame, you know all about lighting candles. If you didn’t get rid of old spaghetti packages during your waste clearance, and general household spring cleaning, you can use it! Sometimes, a lighter won’t work when a candle is far down in a glass jar. Whip out your spaghetti, light it, and sink it down into the  jar!

Matches burn fast. Lighting a bunch of birthday candles with a tiny match, can cause a few burn wounds! Instead, light a piece of spaghetti off the first lit candle, and go crazy! Instead of having to buy extra long matches, use your dry spaghetti you might otherwise have thrown out during junk clearance sessions.

Using lemon juice for food preservation

Got apples? What about pears, or you’ve made guacamole?  All of these foods are prone to browning when exposed to air. You know this, you’ve seen it. Your kids have turned their noses up at the sight of anything brownish on fruit. Instead of throwing away fruit that has gone brown, slow down the browning process before it starts! Squeeze lemon juice on the cut fruit, or the surface of your guacamole! You can also slice a lemon in half to rub it on the fruit.

About the author: Ella Andrews is a content writer, and blogger. Her passions include home maintenance, parenting and healthy living projects. She enjoys every opportunity to share tips, and advice, with her readers.

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