Florida’s Natural OJ uses Florida grown oranges

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I’m an orange juice lover. We always got Tropicana, because we earn points with their reward program. However, after I found out they sometimes import their orange juice, it raised a red flag. After a bit of research, I learned Florida’s Orange Juice uses Florida grown oranges.

florida grown oranges used in Florida's Natural OJ

Florida’s Natural Orange Juice uses oranges grown in Florida

After years of drinking orange juice, it’s shocking to learn Florida’s Natural is the only OJ I’ve ever had that tastes like a fresh orange. As I’m someone with high cholesterol, I always look for things the American Heart Association approves of. I’m not obsessive about it, but I do try!

Florida’s Natural meets the food criteria for saturated fat and cholesterol for healthy people over the age of 2. What sucks? I didn’t try it sooner. It tastes the best out of every OJ brand I’ve drank over the years. It’s 110 calories for an 8 oz. serving. It’s got 450 mg of potassium per 8 oz. serving. My favorite parts about Florida’s Natural, beyond the taste: the carton it comes in has pictures and a little story about a Florida orange grower. I love that.

Each glass I drink has me feeling as if I’m supporting my fellow business owners. Plus, buying it supports my country, along with families working on the farms growing oranges. It’s just an all around wining combination to me.

I also love the cap on the OJ spout. It’s an orange. How cute is that?

Read more about Florida’s Natural, and meet some of the other growers on their website –> Florida’s Natural

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