If I cut his food with FunBites® Bite-Size #Mealtime Magic, he eats it. WTH?

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Packing lunch for my daughter is next to impossible. All she will eat is peanut butter on saltine crackers. Every day. Did you absorb that sentence? PEANUT BUTTER ON SALTINE CRACKERS. EVERY DANG DAY. It’s frustrating. Yes, it’s natural peanut butter, the organic, good for you, no bad additives kind of peanut butter. The crackers, they are the best we can find that are decent for her to eat.

I want her to eat some kind of BREAD. Make my life easier.

Now, my son. He hates trying new things. I keep reminding him that he didn’t know he liked chocolate until he TRIED IT for the first time. Everything has to be tasted at least once, so you can see if you like something. I get a “NO.”

WHAT THE HELL? These kids are miniature torture inflicting maniacs!

What does a mother, who is at the end of her rope with the two pickiest eaters ever born, do? Well this Mom got her hands on FunBites®. Magically, Little Miss will eat bread, and magically The Boy will eat a waffle. WHY? Because now they are in tiny little fun shapes.

FunBites and Waffles

I know, it makes no sense. It’s the same food, only cut into small, itty bitty bite-sized cubes, and hearts, and triangles. Oh, and a half circle. Why is the food more appealing? I have no facacta idea, but I’m happy to have them use the little cutters (under my supervision) to turn their food into something they want to eat.

Personally, I love how sturdy they are. Solid. Even got a little weight to them. Quality, 100% Made in the USA, BPA free, and plastic. It’s the qua-fecta (that’s a word, at least in my house, because when four things are jammed into one product, we’re all about spreading the love.) The kids love the colors, pink for the LUV IT! and green for the CUBE IT!. You know a Mom invented these, because they can go in the DISHWASHER.

Secretly, I kind of can’t wait to see how it works on an Omelette. I can’t get The Boy to eat an egg anymore…..if I cut it up with the CUBE IT!, I bet he won’t even know what the heck he’s eating. It just removes that psychological crap that goes with seeing the omelette in it’s full form, and saying “Ew, I don’t like eggs.”

GENIUS. It’s bad we have to trick our kids, isn’t it? Oh well, they’ll have more to tell their psychiatrist when they’re older. It’ll make it worth the money!

Do you want one, or two, for yourself? As a gift? It’s probably the perfect gift for a stressed out Mom, who’s ready to just buy boxes of Cheerios for her kids to eat for the rest of their lives.

Head over to www.FunBites.com to learn more. The video is very cute! I’m wondering how long it took to get that video shot…….so cute!

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