Mabel’s Labels combo packs for back-to-school prep

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Mabels Labels combo packs make it easier to prep for back-to-school

Let’s just say, when I received the Mabel’s Labels – Labels for the stuff kids lose!®on my doorstep and opened them up, I was instantly impressed. The box is so cute. I knew the box would make my daughter squeal. And it did! I told her to come in the kitchen to see what she got in the mail. She ran into the kitchen, saw the box and looked at me, then the box. Ever so gently took the box in her hands, looked back up at me and asked “Is it really for me, Mommy”? I nodded and she spun around (she’s been taking ballet) and squealed THANK YOU.

Mabel's Labels

Mabel’s Labels combo packs for back-to-school prep

The box

All of this excitement over the box. Not even the labels. Understand, my kids are appreciative and love when I get them anything. The box is pretty, and she thought it was the “gift”. So cute. I don’t know if everyone gets this box when they order, but what we got was a pretty green and white dotted box with the Mabel’s Labels logo on the top.

Immediately, I showed her the box was made of sturdy cardboard. I showed her how to pull the little white tab on the side, which pulls a little drawer. She pulled the tab and revealed the ULTIMATE BACK-TO-SCHOOL Combo(TM) package of labels.

The labels

Once she saw the labels, she squealed “That’s MY name and a butterfly.” She was ecstatic with the design I had chosen. Thank goodness. It was a tough choice. Mabel’s Labels has:

  • 27 colorful Label Out Loud(TM) designs
  • 6 limited edition Classic color palettes
  • 6 exclusive Ultimate Back-to-School Combo motifs

Apparently, I chose well with the butterflies and going with a color scheme that included more than just pink! I chose what is called COLORFUL for the color and BUTTERFLY as the design. When you go and shop to get the Ultimate Back-to-School Combo from Mabel’s Labels – only available for a limited time, you’ll understand what I mean! So Little Miss loved them and I had to pull them away from her so I could inspect everything and do my review! Off she went, sulking while I checked everything out!Ultimate Back To School Combo

Quality is high

First, the quality of the product is amazing. Obviously from the moment I saw what it was packaged in, I knew the labels would be fantastic. Their 100% satisfaction guarantee is another huge bonus when I shop. If they have that kind of guarantee, you know they are churning out good stuff!

What you get in the box

Second, it was so well organized in the box. Included in the Ultimate Back-To-School Combo are:

  • 40 Skinny-Minis(TM) – these can be applied to clean, dry, smooth surfaces like pens, pencils, cups, notebooks, etc. and are DISHWASHER and MICROWAVE safe.
  • 50 Tag Mates(TM) – these can go on clothing care labels and can be put in the washing machine and the dryer.
  • 16 Shoe Labels – these go on the inside of smooth-surfaced footwear and are UV resistant and waterproof.
  • 2 Teeny Tags(TM) – these come with little rings to put the tags onto and can be used on anything that you want to put a tag on….backpack, luggage, whatever you want.

Each sheet of labels was clearly marked at the top as to what it was. No confusion at all! I knew exactly which tags were for what and I got to applying just a couple that I could test out. The darn things WORK! Put them through the dishwasher, microwave, washer and the dryer. Now, I have no idea if the UV thing is going to work, because I am not leaving my daughter’s shoes out in the sun, but since everything else has proven to be true, I’m going to have to assume these bad boys won’t fade in the sun thanks to the UV protection! EXCITING.

No sharing of my daughter’s name

NORMALLY, I would take a picture and share it with you guys. However, we all know I never use my daughter’s, or son’s, names on the internet. So I can’t take a picture of the labels, since her name is obviously all over them! We chose to just put her first name, as she’s got a rather unique name and there aren’t too many out there in the world. In any event, I can’t share it with you.

I apologize for this “speed bump” but I will share with you that we’re loving the labels, glad we got them to review and Mabel’s Labels is offering one of my readers the chance to win an Ultimate Back-to-School Combo of your very own! These combo packs for school are only available until September 30th.

You can find Mabel’s Labels on Facebook, Twitter and they’ve got their own “hood” too!

If you want to order your own Ultimate Back-to-School Combo(TM), head over to Mabel’s Labels. The labels are $42.00 and work fantastic. Will save a ton of time when you have to sit down and label everything for school!

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