We’ve brought the garden into your house: Growums Add a Little Character to Your Garden

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way.

Growums Cast

Many of my readers know we’ve been slowly trying to get ourselves into a healthier lifestyle. It’s a long process. I’m not a kid, and I was raised on store bought, processed foods. No one knew any better. My kids were being raised in the same fashion, my husband had been raised with these types of products in his home, as well, so was a natural progression. It all changed when I learned that nutrition, or rather the lack of it in my life, was the cause of many of my health issues. LIFE CHANGER.

Our little family started growing some of our own veggies, which the kids love to do in the Summer with Daddy. However, I wanted to have them really embrace it, and learn to grow other things besides the standard tomatoes, and eggplant. With all of the scratch cooking I want to start to do for the kids, I figured the best place to start these little picky eaters, would be with growing FRESH herbs. I figure, if they help grow them, they may just want to try them. Fresh Parsley, Basil, and my personal favorite, Cilantro (so good in Guacamole.)

Growing herbs, making it fun…….how the heck was I going to do this? I happened to be working with a company, and came across another brand they were working with. The life of a blogger, right?! I saw these kits for growing veggies, and the kits were based on “meals” you could make with the items you grew. Plus, they had these funny little characters on the packaging. Being the curios soul that I am, I went online and popped in the website’s name, www.growums.com, and found the cutest dang thing! It was a world dedicated to kids, gardens, and FUN!

Kids love the computer, they love to garden, and they love cartoon characters. It’s the ever loved TRIFECTA I’m always excited to find! These kits, which you can buy at Walmart, Lowe’s, or online, are based around “characters” and meal themes. You’ve got your Taco Garden, Salad Garden, Pizza Garden, Ratatouille Garden, Stir Fry Garden, and the Herb Garden. BEYOND CUTE. Every single meal themed kit has a cast of characters.

We have the Herb Garden, so the kit came with a code to use to sign up online, and register with our garden. The characters for the Herb Garden are Frank Cilantro, Regan O., Baby Basil, and E. Parsley. Once you register, and “plant your garden,” you can get reminders to care for your garden each day, and watch videos on how to get started, plant, and even move them to an outside garden.

The website has games the kids can play, and keep them involved in the growing garden! The whole interactive aspect is adorable. The garden is easy to start, and the kids are really excited to check if there’s anything sprouting from the plants. Both are EXCITED to try the herbs when they are ready to come out, which will be quite a bit of time, since they are starting with seeds.

Gardening is a lot more fun with characters! When the summer hits, we’ll be planting some of the other themed veggies, so that the kids can help us garden, pick the veggies when they are ready, and perhaps, JUST MAYBE, they will help make the “themed meal” those little seeds were destined to be a part of.

Growums Starting the Process

It’s the perfect way to get kids interested in growing their own food, and truly making that switch from store bought, GMO, pesticide riddled foods, to amazing, high quality, HOMEGROWN foods! We’re digging it.

Growums Planting Process

Stay tuned for updates on our Herb Garden.

*I received a kit in order to facilitate this review. The opinions in this post are mine, and that of my kids.


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