We garden indoors: Growums Garden Progress

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Growums Cast

You may remember, right before Super Storm Sandy hit, my kids and I started our Growums Herb Garden. I have to be honest, it was very low in my list of things to take care of after the storm hit. We had no electricity for 9 days, which meant no heat, or any way of cooking, or hot water. Our garden was also not getting a whole lot of sun during the day, as the storm kind of left us with a dismal few days of weather. Not much sunshine, and a whole lot of BLAH.

HOWEVER, through it all, we watered the garden and kept it up as best we could. The kids would ask Daddy every evening if he had remembered to water it when he was home, running our generator, to keep the food in our fridge and freezer from rotting away. The kids and I, we spent most of those 9 days without electricity, over at my parents’ house. Just doing small trips back and forth, but not a lot, since there was also a gas shortage in the area.

Daddy always remembered to keep the water filled for the herbs……but we ended up having a little white fuzz grow over the soil on most of the herbs. Being a newbie to gardening in the house, I had no clue what it could be, but I figured it was from lack of sun, and the soil being too moist. I googled it, of course. I found out I could just remove the white fuzzy stuff, throw it out, and trim off any leaves that looked yellow. If the plants thrived, I could continue, if not, just chuck them and start over.

Growums Herb Garden

Some of the herb plants had hardly any white fuzz at all, those will be easy to clean up. PHEW!

Growums Basil

We continue on, because there’s no way Super Storm Sandy wins this battle. Stay tuned for our next update………

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