Review: Lunch Perfectly Packed™ for my Picky Eater

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***UPDATE August 30, 2016: I JUST had to throw this out, after daily use since 2012! Also, daily hand washing, with once a week dishwasher cleanings. It held up for FOUR YEARS. Very impressive. Just the lids started to crack, and I had to throw them out.

My daughter doesn’t like sandwiches. I know. Frustrating as all get-out. Here’s a secret I hate to admit: she didn’t like pizza until this past Summer. Yeah, it took over 5 years to get her into pizza. However, I digress. The kid doesn’t like sandwiches. She’s not into bread. WHAT?!!! It will serve her well in the future, because she eats enough pasta for a small army, she doesn’t need the added bread carbs, at all.

Lunch Perfectly Packed


Lunch Perfectly Packed™ for my Picky Eater

So what the heck kind of lunch do you send a kid, who hates bread, and sandwiches, to school with? A whole lot of strange concoctions – that’s what! With all of these oddities, I have to have a variety of containers. Most containers are round, don’t stack well, and my daughter can barely get them into her lunch box. Heck, it ends up going in a plastic bag we get from food shopping at our local grocery stores (hey, at least we save and re-use them, right?)

It’s all “poor child, can’t even get a real lunchbox” kind of looks we get from people. Shameful, I guess, to not have a proper lunch box for your child. I carried a brown paper bag. It always fell apart. Why? Because I grabbed the drink right out of the fridge, so when the temperatures warmed up, my drink sweat. Of course, it tore the bag right open when I grabbed it out of my backpack. But enough about my sob story, let’s get to my daughter’s, shall we?

LunchBlox Sandwich Kit

My daughter…..the non-sandwich eating oddity. I send her to school with crackers, peanut butter, strawberries, chocolate for the strawberries, and carrot sticks (which I know she dunks in that chocolate, along with her strawberries). Try packing that every day. It’s not easy keeping that stuff cold, and she ends up with a million ice packs in that sorry-looking, grocery store, plastic bag. It’s just sad. A sad state of affairs.

Well not anymore!!!!! Rubbermaid has saved me with their new LunchBlox™ Sandwich Kit. This bad boy comes with modular containers that snap together – which is awesome, because it saves space. However, that’s not the best part – at least not in this house! The kit includes a Blue Ice™ pack that works WITH the LunchBlox containers. It snaps right in there with the containers. It’s awesome. Now my daughter doesn’t have to have a ton of ice packs in her plastic bag, nor does she have to have the plastic bag! She can have a real lunch box.


It comes with two snack containers that hold a half a cup of whatever snack you want in there; one side container that holds 1.2 cups, the Blue Ice™; and a sandwich container, which is good for 2.6 cups of something, if you don’t do the sandwich thing, like in our humble abode. It all stacks together, organized, and in a big cube. LOVE IT. Beyond the ice pack being awesome, I also quite enjoy that you can put all of this stuff in the microwave, freezer, and my personal favorite, the DISHWASHER. All the plastics are BPA-Free.

Get one for your child’s school lunch

The best part? It’s rather inexpensive. Though valued at $12.99. Visit their site, see if there’s a coupon offered! I’ll be getting another one. SO excited for this plastic oasis…….is that sad? You can tell me, I’m a big girl, I can handle it.

Rubbermaid LunchBlox

It all fits PERFECTLY in her lunchbag! Even with the Blue Ice™ keeping everything she loves cool until lunch time.

What are waiting for? Get yourself one of these, I’m totally a fan! I think I might even get the Salad Kit, because ironically, as picky as my daughter is, she loves a good salad. Go figure! Now I can mix it up for her, and she won’t be looking so sad with her plastic bag lunches anymore! You can find them at Target, KMart, Kroger, Safeway, Bi-Lo, Winn-Dixie, HEB, Rubbermaid.com, and some Walmarts around the country!

*I received this product at no cost from Rubbermaid. All of the opinions shared are my own.


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