Salted Caramel weakens my knees

Disclaimer: In order to write a review of Carvel’s newest Salted Caramel soft serve ice cream flavor, I was graciously provided with a gift card to pay for the purchase of the salted caramel treat. As an extra bonus, I get to give a Carvel gift card away to one lucky winner. Any and all opinions are 100% my own. It’s just how I do things around here!

I’ve always been a little odd. A little different from the masses. Ask my mother, she’ll tell you even as a child I was just “different.” Little kids loved their chocolate, and me? I was off trying to suck the caramel out of everything. Do not get me wrong, I do love my chocolate. The darker the better. However, caramel….now that’s my jam. Oh, and then the world bestowed upon us salted caramel. SALTED CARAMEL. It’s pure heaven.

salted caramel

Salted Caramel soft serve ice cream

When I think about the cold weather, I think about salted caramel lattes. I also dream of salted caramel hot chocolate. It’s taken a bit of time to get out of the wintery weather here on Long Island (and I have to say, across the country as well.) We’ve gotten a glimpse of it the last day, or so. It’s coming, Spring is coming!!! I feel it, or I’m just so numb from the winter I’ve just convinced myself I fell the Spring weather coming. I don’t know, but in any event, I refuse to wear snow boots and heavy winter coats. Let me tell you, I looked odd on Monday when Long Island got hit with quite a few inches of snow……but that’s just me, being me and not fitting in with the crowd!

Now that Spring is totally here, because I say it is so, I’m dreaming of salted caramel ice cream. I’m a Carvel lover, and it’s the first place I’ll turn when hunting for an ice cream cake, or soft serve ice cream. It’s a tradition. Heck, it’s celebrating 80 years this 2014. Carvel has staying power, and it’s what I grew up on living here on Long Island. There’s no other place that pops in my head when I’m asked “Do you want to get some ice cream?” The Carvel store I grew up going to is still the original building, in the original spot it’s been for many years……and I love that about where I grew up. I don’t live far from it, and when I found out about their new limited time only salted caramel flavor – you know I showed up with bells on.

Here’s my only disappointment with Carvel’s salted caramel ice cream: the salted caramel ice cream and sundaes from now until June 29th. WHAT the….? Who the…? Just WHAT? So not fair. I’m going to have to jam this into my body for three months straight, and then buy it in bulk so I can freeze it in my home freezer. I may have to purchase a new freezer so I can have it stockpiled. Is that wrong? Did I admit too much? I’ve revealed too much of my weirdness, haven’t I?

It’s okay, I’m cool. I’m a nerd for Salted Caramel soft serve ice cream, and it’s okay. I can sit around eating it while I watch Pitch Perfect, my other nerd-like tendency.

I feel bad for those on the West Coast who don’t have Carvel as a normal staple in their lives……but it means more salted caramel for me!

Even better for all of those who do have a Carvel in their neighborhood: I’m giving away a $10 Carvel Gift Card to one lucky winner!!! Form’s below!

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