Sometimes you just need a little sparkle in your….water?

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Sometimes you just need a little sparkle water, am I right? Go with me on this, for a minute. Trust me! My family drinks a lot of water, but there are days the kids need a little something extra. Normally, I succumb to the pressure, and hand over juice pouches, so they shut up don’t complain. To be honest, there are days I want something other than water, too. I can’t blame them, right? Well, Poland Spring® understands the dilemmas of life: healthy water drinking vs. sugar filled juice pouch drinking.

little sparkle water

Sometimes you just need a little sparkle water

Listen, I’m the first to tell the kids tough noogies, drink what I give you and stop the complaining. However, I’m someone that needs a little variety in my beverage selection. I can’t fault them, you know? However, we’re all super picky about what kinds of things we want to alternate our iced water with. The kids always go for the juice pouches, which are loaded with sugar. Refined sugars. To get them away from it, Mr. Sunflower took our coupons for Poland Spring® Sparkling Natural Spring Water to our local grocery store. A phone call later, he asked which flavors to bring home. We went with the lime flavored, as well as black cherry flavored. I’ve always loved black cherry soda (don’t judge.) I figured the sparkling water would taste similar.

Well, have you ever been drinking a black cherry soda? You have ice in it, and walk away for a bit, and the ice melts? You’re left with a watered down version of your black cherry soda? Tastes gross, right? Unfortunately, that’s how I felt the black cherry sparkling water tasted. HOWEVER, the lime was perfect for the kids, and I. It’s lightly flavored with lime, sort of like getting a wedge of lime in your water at a restaurant. Plus, the sparkle. Gives it a little fizzy fun, with a great lime flavoring. It’s the one we prefer, and I would imagine we’d also enjoy the mandarin orange, along with the strawberry. We’ll see, the next time we venture out to purchase more. The lemon would be great, too. Sort of similar to the lime!

Fizz + citrus flavor = Poland Spring® Sparkling Natural Spring Water! It means a healthier option for the kids for home, and school! Lime it up, my friends. Lime it up!

Poland Spring® Sparkling Natural Spring Water flavored waters

Do you drink them? What’s your favorite flavor? Let me know in the comments below.


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