Spreading the LeapFrog love

Disclosure: As a LeapFrog Mom Ambassador I receive products, promotional items and educational material, to use and share as I see fit. However, any opinions expressed by me are honest and reflect my actual experience. #LeapFrogMom

What’s the best part about working in the field I work in? I get amazing chances to pay our good fortune forward. It’s not an industry I make millions in. Perhaps one day, you never know. However, I do get chances to work with amazing brands like LeapFrog. There are times when my kids benefit from this amazing working relationship, and then there are times we’re all about spreading the LeapFrog love!

Spreading the LeapFrog Love

Spreading the LeapFrog love

We couldn’t share our LeapFrog LeapPad Platinum, and our LeapFrog Epic. Once those arrived in our home, The Boy was all over those, and the LeapFrog Imagicards. I figured as much, since his former tablet died from overuse. Just stopped working one day. The two LeapFrog tablets saved our sanity!

LeapFrog Word Whammer

However, the kids aren’t always going to match with what LeapFrog generously sends our way. Both kids are way too old to be using the LeapFrog Word Whammer. It teaches:

  • letter names
  • letter sounds
  • word building

It teaches in a fun, non-school way. It’s adorable, and has three different games that auto-adjust the learning as your child uses it, and improves his skill level. Crazy intuitive. Just too young for my little sunflowers. Perfect for kids in Preschool, probably around 4 years of age and right up into Kindergarten-age.

LeapFrog Number Lovin’ Oven

Both kids were also too young for the unbelievably cute LeapFrog Number Lovin’ Oven. I’ve got two sunflowers that love to cook with me in the kitchen (you know, when it happens a couple of times a month.) Kitchen play sets always fascinated them. We’ve two of them in our playroom, and even though they’re a little old to play with them, I catch them cooking and BBQing on their older toys.

However, none of those kitchen sets taught them anything while they played! The Number Lovin’ Oven teaches counting, and parts of a whole. You know, fractions. The 16-piece set talks, and sings, and teaches about temperatures, too. I kind of love the fact that it teaches about sharing, too. Not a whole lot of toys out there teaching about sharing, that’s for sure! It’s perfect for kids around 2 and a little older.

Discover Tool Set

Scout. Have you seen Scout? He’s the LeapFrog dog everyone loves. As a baby, The Boy obsessed over Scout. He’s also a huge fan of tools. My parents got him his very own workbench, with a full set of play tools, and he’s been using them for years. Since he’s a bit of train wreck, no “real tools” allowed. The Boy’s eyes lit up when he saw the LeapFrog Scout’s Build & Discover Tool Set.

However, my son already knows how to count, and all of his colors. If this had been out when my son was three, you know we’d have it in our playroom right now, and he’d still pull it out every once in a while.

LeapFrog LeapTV

As luck would have it, a LeapFrog LeapTV was also sent, and we happened to have the LeapTV already. My kids. So spoiled! LeapFrog LeapTV truly gets the kids up, moving, and learning, the entire time they play games. The best time of the year to give this little gift is during the winter months, because you know the kids will be active even if snow is falling outside during a huge blizzard!

How we spread the LeapFrog love

LeapFrog LeapTV #LeapFrogMomSquad #LeapTV [ad]

What happens when a family so lucky to be a part of such an amazing relationship with LeapFrog gets goodies they are too old for, or happen to have already? The lucky family gets to spread the LeapFrog love to others! Lucky kids are receiving some pretty amazing toys this holiday season. Our particular elementary school has a fantastic event put on by the Student Council. In order to participate in, or help out at, the event, the Student Council faculty mentor asks families donate a brand new toy.

Not a bad idea to help spread the LeapFrog love, right? A school-run charity initiative is kind of the perfect place to donate EDUCATIONAL LeapFrog toys, don’t you think? The Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament at our local elementary school is going to get a couple of great donations this year.

We’re also wrapping one of those amazing toys up for family friends who happen to have a little one that’s the perfect age for some Lovin’ Oven, and Scout’s tool set. Around here, we like to spread the love, and LeapFrog happened to provide us with the most amazing gifts we are PROUD to donate.

Do all of you have a favorite toy you love to donate each year to an amazing cause? There’s always that ONE TOY that you loved as a kid, and always want another child to have in his, or her, life. What’s that one toy that does it for you? Comment below to tell me all about it.


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