StarKist Charlie has taken tuna beyond a basic sandwich

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Tuna happens to be one fish I do eat. Salmon and tuna in salad form works for me, along with lobster and crab. Plus, if you fry me up some calamari, I’m good. Anything else having to do with fish, it just doesn’t work for me. The smell, the texture, the taste – fish usually turns me off. However, tuna? Tuna I enjoy. It just so happens, Little Miss has recently taken to loving it, too. I’m very excited StarKist Charlie has taken tuna beyond a basic sandwich. It means lunches, and dinners, have been made much easier for our family!

StarKist Charlie has taken tuna beyond a basic sandwich #StarKistSneakPeek #StarKistCharlie #sponsored

StarKist Charlie has taken tuna beyond a basic sandwich

My daughter has developed into quite the eater of many things. Once a picky eater, who wouldn’t try anything, all of a sudden she decided she wanted to eat everything mommy was eating. It’s kind of a nice balance to the boys in the house, a.k.a. The Boy and Mr. Sunflower. They’ve got more of a “bland is better” approach to eating. The Boy still has a chance, he’ll try new things if he helps make them with me.

StarKist coming out with individual pouches of tuna, and salmon, packed with flavor, might just be what will win The Boy over to our team of “try everything” way of eating. Plus, there’s also a whole Kids Creations line of StarKist pouches coming out, too! One flavor, Bacon Ranch, could be The Boy’s ticket to the foodie world! He cannot resist anything with bacon.

Bacon Ranch Creations Pouch StarKist #StarKistSneakPeek #sponsored

Why do I want him to get into eating tuna? Well, first it’s fantastic to have the lean protein, but without so many calories. Second, when school starts up in September, I can also throw the packet into his lunch bag, with a fork, and he’ll have a healthy lunch without having to worry about ice packs. Tuna sandwich with mayo….if it’s not kept cold enough, it can spoil and make the kid sick. We don’t need that happening!

Tuna isn’t just for sandwiches anymore

Little Miss is big on salads, just like her mom. Adding a bit of protein to salad is always interesting…usually a hard boiled egg works, but we do like a bit of variety. Plain tuna is boring, but now with the lightly marinated StarKist tuna creations individual pouches means I can change up our salads with little, no effort. I just tear open a pouch, throw it on the salad. It’s less aggravating than peeling a hard boiled egg, and chopping it up to throw in the salad.

I’m kind of loving StarKist Charlie right about now. He’s getting what it’s like to have kids, and what families need to make sure everyone’s eating healthy, without a lot of hassles! Plus, super low on calories on both the tuna, and salmon, pouches.

Hose me off, I’m getting overheated with excitement! Summer lunches are going to be a lot easier. Thanks Charlie!

Me and Charlie! @starkistcharlie #starkistsneakpeek

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