Stubborn fat removal doesn’t always require surgery

In order to facilitate this review series, Elyse S. Rafal, M.D., P.C., & her staff at Center for Aesthetic Dermatology & Laser Surgery, provided me with services at no cost. All opinions are 100 percent my own.

Stubborn fat removal doesn’t always require surgery. When exercise isn’t helping, and you’re not about going under the knife, but you want to get rid of the fat – there’s another option. I’ve been battling the stubborn belly fat for years. No exercises helped, no matter how long I stuck with every exercise recommended to me. My legs, and arms are slim. It just all sits right in my mid-section. I know I’m not the only one battling this issue!

Stubborn fat removal doesn’t always require surgery

Stubborn fat removal doesn’t always require surgery

Long Island. It’s filled with gorgeous beaches. Amazing parks. Awesome outdoor fun spots. Did you also know it’s home to one of the top aesthetic dermatologist, too? Luckily, Nurse Lauren from Dr. Rafal’s office contacted me months ago to try out a little something called THERMIsmooth® Body. I went through the THERMIsmooth process, but it didn’t do enough for my liking. It did tighten up my skin, so it’s less saggy and crepe paper looking. However, my fat cells were far too intense, and Nurse Lauren recommended doing a process called CoolSculpting.

Needless to say, I was skeptical. Freezing fat cells, and they just permanently disappear from my body? Sounds bizarre, but I put my faith into the nursing staff, and Dr. Rafal. Now, pictures are difficult to capture the full story, but it’s honestly all we have to go by at this point. Bear with me, because these are just 30 days after the first two hour long treatments. It takes 90 days to take truly see a difference, and for the full process to cycle through. It’s just how our bodies work! Science, isn’t it fun?

Stubborn fat removal with cool sculpting

Visually, it’s hard to see any significant differences. I’m well aware of this, because I have scrutinized these images for hours. However, there are subtle changes happening AND I fit into my summer shorts without struggling to button them up. It’s a BIG DEAL. I hadn’t been able to do that in April when I tried them on for the summer season. After getting the procedure done, after about 20 days, I tried the shorts on for “shits and giggles,” and the darn things slipped on without any problems. Even better, I could zip and button them without having to suck anything in!

Do I see a HUGE difference? Not with those pictures, no. However, my clothing, right off the clothesline (yup, I hang all my clothing up to dry in my laundry room,) fit without having to suck my belly fat in. Something’s changing…. and I’m keeping my fingers crossed these things will continue to change, and be easier to see with photos.

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