Summer fashion accessories for the ladies from Liskula Cohen

Oversized glasses, and thick plastic frames, have been dominating the market for the past few years. These trends aren’t dying down anytime soon. However, there are many other fantastic styles on the market you should consider when purchasing new frames. Check out these six overlooked eyeglasses that are absolutely chic and stylish, and deserve to take a big fashionable step forward. Let’s see what trends are going to set the tone of summer fashion accessories for the ladies.

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Summer fashion accessories for the ladies

1. Aviator Eyeglasses

Sure, aviator sunglasses are a big hit, but what about optical glasses? The oversized look and narrow frames make a striking statement, but they’re also neutral enough to go with any outfit. Aviator glasses are also disarmingly charming and quirky, perfect for adding a little bit of levity to your style while still looking clean and professional.

2. Oval Frames

The unsung hero of the glasses world, this not-too-soft, not-too-angular shape suits a wide variety of facial features. Oval frames are a great way to add balance, and proportion to your face. Spring 2015’s subtle cat eye glasses are a perfect representation of oval glasses at their best. The rounded corners,and gentle narrowing at the temples, makes for an almond-shaped look that is incredibly sexy in an understated way.

3. Metal Frames

Metal frames have taken a back seat to plastic, and acetate frames, in the past few years. Well we think it’s time to reverse the trends. Metal frames are a great way to add a little modern sophistication to your look, as the material is sleek, fuss-free, and coordinates well with any outfit, and any style. Metal frames are also available in a wide variety of colors and shapes, so you don’t have to stick to basic brass and silver finishes.

4. Browline Glasses

Bolder brows have been seen on the hottest celebs, and the top-heavy look is transitioning to glasses as well. Browline glasses feature thick plastic frames on top, with thinner frames at the bottom, in either metal or plastic. These specs add some intellectual flair to your look, and will work perfectly with your business attire, as well as, your coolest Saturday night outfit.

5. Mixed Materials

Why choose between metal and plastic frames when you can have both? A lot of glasses on the market right now are incorporating each material in super cool ways. We’ve seen plastic frames with metal arms; frames that are plastic on top, and metal on the bottom; and plastic frames with metal accents on the arms, temple, or on top of the frame. What makes the mixed materials look so chic is you get the trendy vibe of plastic frames, without all the visual weight that comes with them. And, because metal always looks sleek and smart, your metal accents will instantly make you look polished and put-together. Not bad, huh?

6. Going Green

Green-colored frames aren’t seen very often, and we don’t really know why. Green goes with every skin tone and complexion, and it can provide a unique contrast to all different hair colors, and styles. The more earthy, grassy green hues can act as neutrals, and can coordinate with pretty much any outfit in your closet. While brighter greens can make for a great accent color. Thankfully, we’re seeing more and more of this shade on the market, so we’re going to call it – green glasses are going to be the next big thing in eyewear.

There are a lot of frames out there, and it can be hard to choose just the right look. While the ultra-trendy frames are all well and good, why not allow your glasses to set you apart from the pack? Any of these six overlooked eyeglass styles will add something new to your overall style, so seek them out next time you buy glasses. You could very well be setting the next trend!

Author Liskula Cohen is a Canadian-born former model who has worked in New York, Paris, Milan, Tokyo, and Sydney, among other cities. She is the founder and blog editor of Front Row Eyewear. Find Liskula on Twitter: @Liskula

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  1. Cityrocka Perry June 20, 2015 at 2:04 pm

    HI Staci,
    Thanks so much for your post! You provided an array of style accessories options for us fashionistas to look into. What also seems to be popular are cat eyeglasses and half rim glasses. Still have to try the green lens eye wear trend though. That one’s still up for debate :)

    • Staci Gerardi July 6, 2015 at 1:57 pm

      Go big or go home, right? Just take the plunge!!! Worst thing that can happen, you have to return them!

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