Summer movie nights with Verizon FIOS

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Summer movie nights with Verizon FIOS are far more enjoyable to me, than sitting in a movie theatre with a crowd of people. Sure, the movies we’re catching aren’t the latest and greatest. However, all that matters is we’re together enjoying a great movie!

Summer movie nights with Verizon Fios

Summer movie nights with Verizon FIOS

Movie theatres irk me. Sticky floors irritate me, especially since I’m usually in sandals, or flip flops, in the summer months. Paying tons of money for snacks, and drinks, is another issue that grinds my gears. Annoying people talking through the movie, or having a phone out to text people during a film – just, ARGH. For everyone’s safety, it’s best if I watch movies at home with my kids. Sure, the movies aren’t the most recent releases, but who cares?

Plenty of awesome movies are available on regular movie stations. Ones that were released last year in the movie theatres, and as a family, we haven’t seen. Works out! Newer releases can be found in the On Demand section of FIOS. Works for us.

Movies we’re planning on watching for our summer movie nights with FIOS

As it so happens, I did take the kids to see a little movie called Trolls. Personally, I could have skipped it. However, I had promised we could see it. Let’s say I’ll be skipping that one with our FIOS movie nights. Instead, we’re going to mix it up. Now, just remember, I have very few limitations on what my kids watch. Cursing doesn’t bother them, I’m often far worse than anything they’ll hear in a movie.

Our summer movie nights will start with a little animated awesomeness, also known as The Lego Batman Movie. It’s one of the top selections to rent, or buy, on On Demand. I’m being generous by doing a more kid centered for our first summer movie night. Our next night is going to be more about Mama Sunflower! We’re going all out with a little Vin Diesel in xXx: Return of Xander Cage. Oh yeah, baby.

Since it’s always important to have a good laugh with the kids, I think we’ll move onto Fist Fight with Ice Cube and one of my favorites, Charlie Day. A new one out is Chips, and since I used to watch the show on television back in the day, we might have to check Chips out on Verizon On Demand.

Since there’s new stuff added all the time, we’re going to plot out future Verizon FIOS summer movie nights as the new stuff shows up in On Demand. You’ve got to keep it fresh, and fun!

Favorite part about summer movie nights with FIOS

What’s the best part about having movie nights at home with FIOS? Well, other than the luxury of being home, we can watch the movies wherever we want. I can access On Demand, my DVR, or live television, right through my tablet using the FIOS Mobile App! A beautiful night, with a great breeze? We can all head out to sit on our favorite swing that turns into a bed. It’s got a cover over it, to keep some of the bugs away! Light a few candles to keep the rest of the bugs away, bring out snacks and a few pillows out with us, and summer movie night becomes and outdoor summer movie night.

Raining out? No worries. We can curl up in mommy’s big California King bed with lots of pillows and snacks, and watch on mommy’s television. We want to mix it up and do a movie night, along with a bit of manicure/pedicure fun? Not to worry. We can set up in the living room, and watch on our flat screen. All our FIOS is on one account, and I can control it no matter if it’s on the boxes, or my mobile app.

WICKED cool, and flexible. You have to get yourself Verizon FIOS, my friends. What in the world are you waiting for?

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