14 10, 2021

5 Hacks for Applying Nail Paint

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Women like to make a powerful visual impact on others. Getting a manicure is a significant part of grooming as it makes your nails look amazing. Most people feel getting a manicure only contributes to beautifying a person. Applying nail paint to your nails and massaging them can also enhance nail health. It is a [...]

2 04, 2018

7 Nail Designs for Spring

By | 2023-08-06T13:47:54-04:00 April 2, 2018|Lifestyle|7 Comments

I know it doesn't feel like it, but Spring is almost here. I've been checking out nail designs for Spring. There's nothing like switching from winter colors for my manicures, to fun spring colors. Who else loves a great mani and pedi? Come check these 7 designs out.