The European Capital of Food Festivals

The European Capital of Food Festivals Street Food

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Készül a finom magyar dödölle. Kirakodóvásár. Fortuna utca. – Budai Vár, Budapest

The European Capital of Food Festivals

Over the last decade, Budapest has become one of the most popular tourist destinations. The growing number of tourists and foodies has made Budapest one of the top food festival cities in Europe.

Budapest Emerges as Popular Tourist Hub

Budapest has faced many struggles over the past century. For nearly 50 years, Hungary was ruled by dictators. It finally transitioned to democracy in 1989 and has been trying to reclaim its status as a cultural center of the world.

Conde Nast Traveler recently rated Budapest as one of the best cities in the world.

“With some of the best Art Nouveau architecture in Europe, scenic Budapest has no bad angles,” they wrote.

Budapest Hosts Some of Europe’s Best Festivals

The younger generation has a profound affinity for music. They have hosted some of the most popular music festivals on the continent.

Sziget, Volt and Balaton Sound – the most popular ones – have won plenty of awards in the past few years.

These music festivals have inspired other events throughout the city. A number of food festivals have emerged in recent years as well. Some festivals sell a variety of cuisines, while others are more specialized.

Most Popular Food Festivals in Budapest

A number of food festivals are organized every month, especially in the summertime.

Budapest Restaurant Week

Budapest Restaurant Week is probably the most popular food festival in the city. Numerous local restaurants participate to offer three course meals for a discounted price.

Palinka Festival

The Palinka and Sausage Festival is held at Buda Castle. Guests can sample some of the finest brandy and meats in the country. Here is a description of the event from the Palinka and Sausage website.

“One of the most compelling festivals of the autumn season, the Palinka and Sausage Festival will beheld in the courtyards of the majestic Buda Castle, permeated by an exciting gastro-atmosphere. Desserts made with palinka will have their own special place at the festival, including palinka bonbons and cream desserts.”

Budapest Christmas Fair and Winter Festival

The Budapest Christmas Fair and Winter Festival is a two month long event that began on November 11. It isn’t a food festival, but many fine foods are available. They include cookies, meed, homemade honey and cinnamon.

You can also purchase a number of crafts for your loved ones during the holidays. There are nearly 200 different programs for both children and adults.


The Budapest Octoberfest is also a very popular one in the city. During the three day event, vendors sold over 300 different types of street food and craft beer.

“You can experience the feeling of the real Bavarian Paulaner Oktoberfest Big Tent directly from Munich for the third time in Hungary!” the organizers state on their website.

Főzdefeszt Craft Beer Festival

A couple of months ago, the city held the Főzdefeszt Craft Beer Festival. They offered free admission, but charged a fee to taste two of their favorite beers.

Street food show

Do you love street food? Then you will probably want to check out this event. They close down Andrassy Street to make room for a number of food trucks to sell delicious cuisines. You can find basically everything from seafood, burgers, hot dogs, pasta, sausages, waffles, soups from paper cups…etc

Chimney Cake Festival

The Chimney Cake Festival is a newer event that was organized this October. It was organized in Vajdahunyad Castle in Budapest City Park. Attendees had the opportunity to taste a number of different types of cake.

Pork & Sausage Festival

The Pork & Sausage Festival was made specifically for people that enjoyed eating pork. Pork is such a popular staple in Hungary, so this event tends to receive great turnout every year.    

Planning Your Trip

Many European tourists stop in Budapest to enjoy their food festivals throughout the year. If you are planning a trip, you will want to make the following arrangements:

  • Book your accommodations in advance. There are many popular events in Budapest throughout the year, so you may need to book your hotel or arrange to rent a flat at least a couple of months ahead of time.
  • Buy your tickets ahead of time. They often sell out quickly.
  • Find out what other events are available in the area. You want to make the most of your trip!
  • Find things to keep yourself entertained while you need downtime. You may need a VPN to watch CBC from your hotel room.

We hope you enjoy the delicious food and culture on your trip to Budapest!

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