THE Pole Bluetooth Monopod has no remote, or cable

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By now you’ve probably heard Walt Disney World parks banned selfie sticks, or poles. It’s been all over the news, along with your Facebook walls, I’m sure! Personally, I’m not big on using selfie sticks in public. I’m sure I’m not alone!

THE Pole Bluetooth Monopod has no remote, or cable

THE Pole Bluetooth Monopod has no remote, or cable

Now, if you’re home, crying about the ban of the selfie sticks at Disney, it’s okay! Plenty of other places will allow them. It’s all good. If you’re like me and have yet to use a selfie stick in public, but still need them for business, I’m sure you’re doing just fine with the Disney news. Rejoice people of both worlds, because I’ve got such an amazing little gem for you!

What’s the most annoying part about a selfie stick? THE CABLE!!!! Or, the REMOTE. By using THE Pole Bluetooth Monopod, which has no remote, no cable, no app – it just requires a smartphone and Bluetooth. Simple!

Video is essential in business

  • Your YouTube Channel isn’t fabulous enough, you have to get more videos on it.
  • You have to start doing more videos on Instagram, and of course, share them on your website.
  • Why aren’t you live streaming on Periscope? You’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

I’m a little tired of hearing it, because they are right, but it doesn’t make it any easier for me to hear. I get it, people. I have to open up my talents, and not just write anymore. However, it’s not super easy to do! It takes a lot to edit videos, so they look good, and people want to watch them. Plus, being behind the camera is more my thing, so stepping in front of it can be scary. Especially if I have to be on-camera for someone who is now going to be behind the camera.

The one word describing how I feel: overwhelmed. Whenever people come at me with “do more videos, and get those kids working on camera, too,” nonsense. Well, it’s not nonsense. It’s a completely accurate observation. I won’t lie. It makes sense. However, it still freaks me the hell out!

Videos: UGH

Kids, with me, on camera? Sure, that’s super easy! I have no one to man the camera, so it’s up to me and my smartphone. What’s it mean? It means finding a selfie stick I can operate easily, and not have to worry about connecting a wire to. I throw everything into a huge bag when we head out to do activities, and I have destroyed so many pairs of sunglasses, point and shoot cameras, and more. A tiny wire on a selfie stick? It won’t last. I’m not what anyone would call patient, or delicate.

Think BULL IN CHINA SHOP with me. All those gorgeous, delicate good Chine pieces, just in pieces every which way you look. Yup, that’s me with basically everything in my life. Although, my son’s broken clavicle was all him, I totally see why it happened. He’s as klutzy, and destructive as his ole mama is.

THE Pole

Instead of adding stress to the whole “video” thing, THE Pole helps ease the stress. I just have to throw it in our big bag of tricks when we head out the door, and when the mood hits us to get ourselves on camera, I just pull it out and slap my phone in it. I can control everything through the pole. It’s more meant for photo-taking, but it does work rather well for videos.

No worries, I won’t be out there in Disney trying to sneak it into the park, so I can make killer videos. Trust me. However, it comes in very handy for live streaming, and mini videos, that I can pull out my smartphone to film. Bluetooth set up took minutes, once I realized which device to pair to my phone!

If you’ve got an addictive personality, you might not be able to handle THE Pole. However, if you can control yourself, use my affiliate link and get THE Pole-Rechargable Selfie Stick over on Amazon.com!

PS-It’s got a GoPro holder, too!

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