Throw an Epic Dip Party for Your Holiday Celebrations

Big, grand holiday parties are overwhelming to host and frankly, they’re also overwhelming to attend. Let’s start a new trend: small holiday gatherings centered around the best part of the holiday meals, DIPS!!!!!! Let’s all agree to start throwing an epic dip party for our favorite holidays and take huge steps away from the chaotic holiday gatherings that generates tons of wasted food. It just makes sense, right?!

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How to Plan an Epic Dip Party for the Holidays

Keep it simple from the start and the whole experience will be joyful, not stressed!

Invitations & Supplies

First, keep it simple. Create digital invites that explain the epic dip party is a potluck of sorts, and then send the invitations through text messages, or even emails. Let your invitees know once they RSVP, they’ll get their dip assignment! You can even add something on the invitation asking what type of dip they’d like to bring, like savory, sweet, or traditional.

There’s a few different online invitation options like Greenenvelope and Paperless Post. Both make it easy to create, send, and track RSVPs! Less stress for everyone involved. Once your invites are sent out, and RSVPs are coming in, you can assign each person a specific dip to bring to the holiday dip party. All you’ll have to worry about buying:

  • crackers
  • veggies
  • breads
  • chips
  • and other dipping vehicles
  • maybe a couple of dips
  • paper goods & decorations centered around a fun holiday theme
  • beverages (PG and adult, of course)

Help Guests with Dip Recipes

Many people will probably buy the dip they’re assigned to bring to the potluck epic dip party, but for guests who want to make their dips but need a bit of help, or you want to make some recipes of your own…..consider some of these amazing dip recipes.

Onion Dip

Absolutely no party can take place without some kind of onion dip. If your family is anything like mine, you throw sour cream and onion soup mix together and it’s done. Just mix it up, get your potato chips, and dip on into it! But, if you want to take this dip on for your party instead of assigning it to one of your guests, you’ll probably love a beautiful Caramelized French Onion Dip. It requires a little bit of cooking, and more than just sour cream for the mixture. But trust me, it’s worth the extra time and people will definitely appreciate the effort.

Cheese Dips

Savory Dips

If you’re only doing dips, you definitely need to include savory dips to the menu. One cannot survive on onion, cheese, and veggie dips alone! Especially without a main sit down dinner situation, right? You’ll want to mix it up with a few options for the veggie eaters, and the meat eaters, of course!

Veggie & Fruit Dips

Dessert Dips/Sweet Dips

Just Have a Holiday Potluck Dip Party

Alleviate the party planning stress around all your holidays with potluck epic dip parties! You can keep everything simple starting from invitations and ending with plenty of memories to last a lifetime. Have fun at your own holiday parties and eat the funnest food at every party.

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