Tips for a Creative Menu for Your Family Halloween Party

For many kids, October is all about costumes, candy, and trick-or-treating. For many adults, it’s the Halloween parties getting all the attention. If you’re hosting a ghoulish bash this October, you’re going to want a creative menu for your family Halloween party.

tips for a creative menu for your family halloween party

How to put together your creative Family Halloween Party Menu

Here are four ideas for serving a truly delicious (and delightfully spooky) assortment of foods and drinks.

Keep it Light

This isn’t Thanksgiving, and nobody’s going to want to sit down to a heavy meal. Guests at Halloween parties expect to walk around with a small plate of food in their hands. Prepare easy-to-eat finger foods rather than complicated meals that require a fork and knife. A successful Halloween party keeps the energy up, so plan a menu that lets people stay on their feet. Chicken wings and pigs in a blanket are excellent options. Celery sticks and carrots with ranch dressing provide healthier options. Some budget-friendly meals can be a good, light option as well.

Get Creative With Food Coloring

Food coloring is tacky on more “serious” Holidays, but it goes well with the carefree spirit of Halloween. Load up on orange and green coloring, then see what you can do with classic menu items. Cookies, breads, and cakes are the best options for getting creative with colors.

Go Festive With Autumnal Beers

For the drinkers at the party, you’re going to want to load up on autumnal craft beers. A decent liquor store will sell all sorts of pumpkin-spiced or harvest-themed brews. These types of beer have become so ubiquitous in recent years that a Halloween party feels lame without them. Alcoholic cider is another fall favorite you’d be foolish to go without. Just don’t forget to get some more traditional, season-neutral beer as well. Not everyone likes flavored beers or ciders.

Remember That Adults Like Candy, Too

Halloween season provides the entire country with the opportunity to cheat on their diets and dig into their favorite candies. Don’t forget that your average adult has a sweet tooth as prodigious as a typical child’s. Bowls of candy will inject a bit of fun (and a communal sugar high) into the proceedings.

Planning a Halloween party is all about keeping things lighthearted. You shouldn’t take anything too seriously, including the food. Follow the guidelines above to plan a Halloween party menu that will keep all your guests happy.

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