Top 5 Gadgets to pack for a conference

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If you’re a writer, as I am, and you attend conferences, obviously a notebook and a pen are a given. However, what kinds of gadgets does a conference attender need? The creme de la creme of helpful gadgets, beyond the tablet, and smartphone, everyone’s bringing with them. What are the top 5 gadgets to pack for a conference?

November Sunflower's Top 5The Top 5 Gadget to pack for a conference are…..

  1. myCharge. Forget the big, long charging cords. Forget having to run around looking for an outlet so you can charge your devices. It’s not necessary when you’ve got the myCharge products packed in your bag! Simply charge them up at night by plugging the unit into a wall outlet at your home, or in your hotel room. The unit charges up, and you can use the unit all day at the conference, to charge up your smartphone and tablet. There’s different kinds of myCharge units. There’s got to be one to fit your needs!
  2. Camera. Yes, any camera will do. Point and shoot, or a DSLR. Bring it even if you have a camera on your phone! If you don’t have someplace to download and back-up your photos during the conference, you might have to delete some to make room on your phone. Why take the chance, just bring a real camera and get yourself a little memory card like #3 on our list.
  3. Eye-Fi Memory Card. If you’re someone like me who doesn’t have WiFi connectivity on your brand new camera you received for Christmas, then you’ll want to invest in an Eye-Fi Mobi 8GB Wireless Memory Card. It turns your camera into a social sharing powerhouse. It’ll download photos right to your device, where you can share the photos on all your social channels! Amazing invention!
  4. Kingston Wi-Drive. The Wi-Drive 32 GB provides portable wireless storage for your devices. You can share photos, videos and music with up to three other users. There’s an app to install on your smartphone, or tablet. You can also access it through the internet. If you’ve got the Eye-Fi memory card for your camera, which loads up the photos directly to your phone so you can share them through social media, this little wi-drive from Kingston is a great help to download those photos off of the phone and onto the drive. Work all your tech to make the most out of your social sharing!
  5. Screen Cleaner. I know, so low tech, but still the screen cleaner is a necessary gadget. After a full day of screen playing with your tablet, and phone, you’ll want to clean it off for the start of a new full-day of conference activities. You’ll thank me when you realize how gross those screens are after you get back to your hotel room for the night!

So, what do you feel a conference attendee should bring with them to make life easier during the long days of learning? Comment below!


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