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Traveling Cross Country wasn’t going to be an easy task

Traveling cross country to California with just a carry-on and a personal bag wasn’t going to be easy, I knew that going into this whole trip. I had my eyes out for anything that might help my packing challenges for six days in the beautiful weather, as well as a chilly hotel for a conference. Scottevest made traveling cross country easier with the seventeen pockets of heaven it offered me! The more I could put in my pockets, the more room I had to bring goodies home for the kids from Disneyland and California Adventure!

Seventeen pockets sounds like a lot, but when you’re stuck with a carry-on and a gorgeous personal travel bag, and traveling cross country, the seventeen pockets fill up rather quickly! Leaving New York at a crazy early hour, in the dead of winter when it’s pretty much ZERO DEGREES outside, can be difficult. The coat I chose would have to be not just warm, but also lightweight so when I got to California, I wouldn’t be sweating to death carrying my carry-on, personal bag, and wearing the coat all over the airport! The SeV Lola in the color Rhapsody was both warm when it needed to be, and lightweight when it needed to be.

Seventeen pockets for traveling cross country

Oh the pockets…..I had my phone, wallet, earphones, sunglasses, and my iPad all in those pockets and it felt like I didn’t have anything in them. I also had a notebook, pen, and my boarding passes for my flight out of New York, as well as my connecting flight out of Baltimore. It’s not easy traveling cross country, so being organized and prepared keeps me sane. Plus, when it came time to go through security, I just had to remove my jacket, put it in the bin with my personal bag, and my TOMS shoes. Oh, and my liquids. The carry-on when on the conveyor belt in front of my little gray bin, I went through the regular detector, rather than the scanner and it was easy as pie! It’s just so much easier than pulling everything out of my pants pockets, or sweatshirt pockets, like I normally have to do!

Once I was on the other side of security, everything slipped back on, I was able to go to my gate and wait patiently for my journey to begin. On the plane, the coat acted as a lovely blanket for my legs, because the plane was rather cold. It all worked out well!

On the trip back from California, to New York, the coat was a life saver. I’d gotten a few things for the kids from Disneyland, and California Adventure, as well as Downtown Disney. I got more than I’d planned, and of course, a little bit of swag from the conference I’d attended. I needed to re-pack a couple of times to make sure everything fit and I could lift my carry-on over my head to put it in not one, but two overhead bins for my journey home to my babies! Much of what I traveled with in my personal bag ended up going into my 17 pockets, including ALL of the charging wires, and myCharge unit! My pockets were filled with lots of goodies, my personal bag was chock full of great stuff, and my carry-on was jammed with everything I wanted to bring home. VICTORY.

Here’s my favorite part about traveling cross country with my Lola jacket. My Scottevest looked like nothing was in it. No one would have guessed I had two notebooks, an iPad, earphones, two pens, a smartphone, sunglasses, boarding passes, my Shuttle information, and a bunch of wires and the myCharge in it. My personal bag had tons of swag in it, along with my camera, and of course, lots of “little Disney” items, and an entire outfit that didn’t fit into my carry-on! The carry-on, it was full, and it was heavier than when I traveled to California, but I was able to lift it over my head, so it was perfect!

Scottevest saved my butt traveling cross country home, plus major money. If I couldn’t fit it all, I’d have had to ship the items back home!

My new jacket was totally worth the investment, because now I can use it for my trips into New York City and save myself from having to lug a backpack every time! Even with the kids, I can load that jacket up with the iPad, Kindle, Nintendo DS and my camera – and have an enjoyable trip on the train!

TOTAL SCORE, and TWO THUMBS up for Scottevest SeV Lola.

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