Wegmans Food Market: dedicated to their community

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Wegmans Food Market started in Rochester, New York. Even though Wegmans now has more than 70 stores across the mid-Atlantic region, it continually dedicates itself to each local community it opens its doors in. It’s no surprise it’s the number one grocery store in the United States, as well as makes the Forbes Top 10 Places to Work every year (10 years running). Rochester’s own flagship store, located in Pittsford, sets the standard for giving back!

Wegmans Food Market

Wegmans Food Market

Wegmans isn’t just a food market, it’s also a lifestyle. Great quality food at reasonable prices makes Wegmans the go-to place for groceries. However, the place has a cult following thanks to the community atmosphere. Staff welcomes customers, and happily assists patrons without a second-thought.

You won’t find an unhappy, or disgruntled face in any department. Why? Wegmans respects their employees. Values each person working at each store. It’s their belief when you’re good to your employees, they’re good to customers. It’s sort of like the old saying “happy wife, happy life.” Providing a mutually respectful work environment translates to a brigade of employees ready to extend the warm family feel to the customers.


Wegmans gives back

Rochester’s Wegmans store works hard to cut waste. One of the best ways the store gives back to the local community ties into their desire to cut waste. A suggestion from a valued employee: let’s take food waste right from Wegmans Food Market and donate it to feed some of the animals at the local Seneca Park Zoo.

Wegmans jumped at the chance to provide quality food scraps to animals like Seneca’s beloved Polar Bear, Aurora. Since her passing, the new Polar Bear, Anoki, happily chows down on Wegmans Food Market goodies!

Let’s all meet at Wegmans

Wegmans definitely fits the bill for grocery shopping. However, it’s a fantastic spot for lunch. I usually chow down on freshly made Mexican food!

Wherever you work, attend school, or live, Wegmans Food Market has your back!

  • Need an afternoon out by yourself, grab something at one of the full-service food stations.
  • Heading to a family member’s house for a party, stop by and grab amazing desserts from their bakery department.
  • Need a quick meal for dinner, in-between all the activities your kids participate in – no worries, grab pre-made meals.
  • Have a little time for cooking, but aren’t in the mood to prep anything, not a problem – buy ready-to-cook meals containing fresh, portioned out for you ingredients.
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