What back to school means to me: working on myself

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It’s been a long time since I attended a traditional school. Every day I continue to learn, to educate myself, and to grow. However, I don’t do it in a traditional school environment. My little sunflowers, though, they’re heading back to school in about a week, and the whole back to school world has a totally different meaning for me. Sure, it’s fun to get new outfits for the kids, along with school supplies. However, what back to school means to me: working on myself.

Working on myself after the kids return to school

Working on myself after the kids head back to school

So what’s it mean to “work on myself?” Honestly, there are days I have no clue what it means. Other days, I know exactly what it means. It all depends on the course of my day. Most mornings I will wake up, find some way of sucking back some lemon water, get the kids up for school, feed them, jam in a little email checking for work, drop the kids off at school, come home and dive right into work. I never check the time, and end up forgetting to eat breakfast, along with lunch. Heck, I have a reminder set to go pick the kids up, and then the after school energy draining activities start:

  • homework
  • some kind of activity
  • meal time
  • bed time
  • back to work time for mom

I have promised myself it will not happen like that this new school year when the kids head back to school! The difference this year? I’ve got a brand new, amazingly helpful tool! It’s FREE to sign up and use. Yes, you can pay to upgrade, but you don’t have to. It’s really all up to you, and really, because this is ABOUT ME, it’s up to me!

School hasn’t started YET, but I’ve already started a great collection of helpful videos on my free tool, Grokker. Yes, it’s going to be me and Grokker all school year long. Once I drop the kids off, I’ve big plans with Grokker during my alone time. BIG PLANS.

I’m going to have time to get fit.

Heading to the gym is a bit difficult for me, but I am getting there at least once a week to work with an amazing trainer. She’s top notch. I love her. However, my kids have crazy after school schedules, and my gym doesn’t have daytime hours available. The result: at home workouts.

Unfortunately, whilst the kids are at school, I’m like every other woman working out there. I don’t head to an outside office, I head to my home office, but I still have to work. However, the luxury of working from home means I can squeeze in great 20 minute workoutsIt keeps me focused on the goal of getting fit; helps make sure my trainer doesn’t yell at me too much for not getting to see her more often; and finally, it means I don’t have to put on pretty workout clothing, just my crappy shorts and tank! Score for me.

I’m gong to have time prepare healthy meals.

Cooking is an issue for me. I honestly have so little time to do it. Even though I’m becoming more capable in the kitchen (only burning myself – at most – 2 times each time I’m in there cooking,) I still need help with recipes. It’s best when I follow something, especially if I want to eat healthier meals! Grokker has such a huge selection of videos, which include the recipes, of healthy meals, I’m going to be very well prepared this school year! I can even make a few on the weekends, freeze them, and have a good stockpile going for those crazier days with the kids.

Who wants to join me? Who wants to work on “myself” with me? Obviously, you’d have to work on yourself, while I work on myself, but you get where I’m going with this, right? Basically, doing it together! Kids are back in school, life is going back into more of a routine, and there’s time you can carve out of your day to work on fitness, and healthy cooking.

Join up, my friends. It’s completely free. If you want to try out the 14-day membership, you just sign up using this link right here —> Grokker. If you’re into the site, and love it, just keep the membership going and it’ll charge your card automatically.


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