What to do with Peeps you got for Easter

It’s the age old question: what does one do with the Peeps you got for Easter? Am I wrong? I ask myself, whilst tapping my finger to my lip and holding the package of marshmallow nightmares in my hand “what to do with Peeps you got for Easter, Staci? What to do?” I know one thing I like to do with them, however other people in the house fight me on it. Since Easter is coming SOON, and the old ones from last year still sitting on a shelf, and new ones coming to grace my doorstep, let’s explore this dilemma a bit further, shall we?

What to do with Peeps you got for Easter

5 things to answer the age old question: what to do with Peeps at Easter

Option 1 for the Peeps

If you’re like Mr. Sunflower, and the little sunflowers, you just straight up eat the Peeps. I cringe watching them chomp down on the “overloaded with sugar” treats. I have to fight the urge to smack them out of their hands, before any make it to their mouths. Sends shivers down my spine. It’s like sugar shock, mixed with a horrible texture. Sitting here, writing this, I’m all wrinkled nose, and wincing at the thought of it all.

Option 2 for the Peeps

Now, for me, my choice is to throw the Peeps OUT. Sorry. Who wants to eat something with a stale texture to it, and covered in brightly colored, what I THINK is sugar, but is probably some wretched synthetic substance? I’m gagging here. GAGGING.

Option 3 for the Peeps

If you’ve got them, and the kids are hell bent on eating them, incorporate them into a fun dessert like S’Mores. If I have to choke down a Peep, I’m going to need some chocolate, and graham cracker to help them go down! Somehow, when you put those little sugar-covered nightmares in a fire and toast them, they are less offensive in your mouth. It helps to have the chocolate to help cut the crazy sweetness of the Peep, and of course, your graham cracker helps cut the taste, too. It’s the perfect dessert, and the perfect way to get them out of your house!

Option 4 for the Peeps

When the kids are running around with their cousins, and playing during Easter Sunday, just casually put the Peeps on a shelf, and forget about them until next year. Then when you pull those things out the following Easter, you can tell them they’re expired. They don’t have to know those things never go bad, because they really can’t taste any more stale than they do when you first buy them! I mean, seriously! Of course, someone always buys new ones and the whole process starts over.

Option 5 for the Peeps

Did I mention throwing them out? Yeah, I thought so. Do that. Just do that. Forget the other options.

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