Why You Should ‘Go Solo’ On Your Next Trip

Traveling is connected with opportunities to learn, grow, and commitment. It gives you the freedom to discover new places and meet people from various customs, traditions, and ethics. Traveling with friends circle or family is one the best time for anyone. It brings countless moments of fun and joy which you spend with them, but sometimes a person wants to be alone.

Every person needs a break from routine life, get annual leave from office, and traveling solo can be the best way to actually stay relaxed on vacation. Apart from social benefits, solo traveling provides “your” time, which is a great way to understand yourself. It opens a window inside you so that you may know what you like most about life so you must travel solo on your next trip.

solo on your next trip

On your next trip – travel solo

Below are some appealing and intriguing reasons which will excite you to opt for solo travel on your next trip:

You will feel like a free bird

“This is the first and the best aspect of traveling solo as you have all the freedom in this world to go anywhere you want and do whatever you like,” says, Mark Nile, heard of the research department at CrowdWriter. If you’re going to wake up early in the morning to start hiking uphill, you do not have to wait for others to get awake and join you. If you want to spend your whole day sitting on the lakeside, no one will force you to get into the water.

Going solo on your next trip can be a liberating experience; there is nothing and no one to push you to do anything. You are feeling lazy, no worries, you may wake up late, relax in your hotel room, and enjoy your coffee sitting on the couch. You will feel like a free bird that can fly to anywhere it wants and sit on any branch it likes.

Plan as per your preference

You must have dreamt of places you want to visit once in a lifetime, but you are holding yourself as you cannot find any friend or relative to join you. They are stuck in their busy schedules, do not have enough budgets or maybe not interested in going to the same place which you are planning. You have made a plan to explore Florida, and your friends want to visit New York Botanical Garden, here you must take a step and plan for a solo trip. When you travel alone, you can extend or shorten your stay or reschedule it at any time. During solo travel, the only thing matters are your need, and you can plan anything at any moment which you prefer.

It will be a time to talk to yourself

You may even not realize it, but you need to spend some time with yourself. Solo travel helps you discover things about yourself, which can only be done once you spend time alone. You may feel isolated or deserted for the first time, but as you start giving yourself some time, it makes you more content. You appreciate the pleasure of relishing your own company and know your inner self with the power of loneliness.

A funny phrase suits this aspect of solo travel, the phrase goes like this: “of course I talk to myself, sometimes I need expert advice.” you can talk to yourself as much as you can during the entire travel trip and get as much expert advice as you need.

Boosts your confidence level

You may feel nervous when your pack for a solo trip, all sorts of worries may fill your mind, but in the end, it’s a way to be smart and confident. You will get the feeling that you have conquered the world on your own. It will take your confidence level to skies, as you are on your own from ordering food in an Italian restaurant to book an apartment in a hotel of Hong Kong.

When traveling with a group, responsibilities are usually shared; someone takes cares of tickets, someone takes care of food, and someone takes care of accommodations. While in solo travel you manage everything on your own. The more time you spend out there alone, the more confident you become.

Easier to make friends

When you go solo, you are more inclined towards making new friends in contrast to traveling in a group where you already have friends. For instance, you are sitting alone in a restaurant, and a local person sits next to you, it will allow you to strike up a conversation. It may happen that a person seeing you a lonely would introduce himself as you are more approachable during solo travels. Thus going solo on your next travel trip will end up in a new friends list. 

About the Writer: Liza Brooke is currently working as a Content Head at King Essay. She is an outgoing, social, and adventurous person. Her passion for traveling has brought her to various parts of the world. Liza writes a weekly article in a renowned newspaper to inspire readers about traveling.

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