WiFi dead spots come to life with a Network Extender

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WiFi dead spots come to life with a network extender, when you’re lucky enough to have Verizon FiOS! We all suffer from connectivity issues, it’s just how life is when relying on so much technology, right? One thing in my house hard-wired to the internet. Everything else: centered around WiFi.

WiFi dead spots come to life with a Network Extender

WiFi dead spots come to life with a Network Extender

Don’t ask how many devices are connected to WiFi. I lost count a long time ago. Between me, Mr. Sunflower, and our little sunflowers, it’s probably about 20 devices. You’re talking tablets, smartphones, computers, laptops, game consoles, printers, and more. We don’t have a huge home, but we’ve got some dead spots, and an overloaded WiFi house.

In order to make sure Mama Sunflower can get her work done, without any speed or connection issues, pulling in the big guns is necessary. Verizon FiOS offers a great network extender, and it’s pretty inexpensive for a monthly charge of $6. Or, just go all out and pay for the unit for $99, in one shot.

What brings a girl to the edge, is when issues with speed come into play. Once slow WiFi hampers my work hustle, it’s on. Plus, hitting dead spots in my house? It’s not that big, but the positioning of the modem is kind of in an odd spot. There are times when the kids are downstairs, and have issues with getting online with their games. Not a life, or death, matter. However, when mom works from home, and the kids need a bit of entertaining, it’s a problem.

Yes, it’s true. When I’m working, and the kids are home, I do what needs doing to finish the job. Sometimes it means going the extra mile with a FiOS Network Extender. Sometimes, it means taping them to chairs. Whatever works, right? KIDDING.


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