Zaycon Foods chicken in a truck

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Zaycon Foods

Chicken in a truck? Say what?

Perhaps you remember me chatting you up about Zaycon Foods back in June? I know, it’s been a long time since I mentioned Zaycon Foods, but it took this long to arrange for enough Long Islanders to order chicken from Zaycon! Zaycon Foods chicken in a truck? What? Sounds absolutely crazy, I know!

Zaycon Foods isn’t crazy, this chicken in a truck is genius

On a rainy, miserable day in October I venture out in my minivan. It was my day to pick up my chicken from Zaycon Foods at a central location. Why a central location? To provide lots of chicken, to many people, at one time. GROUP BUYING! It’s how they keep costs down. Lots of us on Long Island purchased boxes of chicken, and agreed to pick up our boxes at centralized locations throughout Long Island. On a normal day, when everything goes as planned, you’d be right. It’d be simple.

Off to Centerport, Long Island, to collect my chicken at Chalet Inn.

Zaycon Foods chicken in a truck

All didn’t go as planned

Once at Chalet Inn, I waited in the parking lot. As pick up time grew closer, I noticed there wasn’t a truck. After calling customer service, I asked a lovely woman named Lisa “Am I in the right spot? I know the pick up location was changed, however, was it changed again without me knowing?” Lisa, not phased in the least by this unexpected issue, went about figuring out what was happening.

I was placed on hold for a bit, and when she came back she asked if she could call me back with an answer. I immediately thought “Ruh-Roh, Scooby. This doesn’t seem right.”

Zaycon Foods customer service hard at work

Lisa called me back within a couple of minutes with disappointing news. Unfortunately, the truck had broken down. Even more upsetting for her, couldn’t get the driver on the phone to find out when it would be fixed. I asked her call me back with details, since I didn’t have all day to wait for chicken. It didn’t matter how good the chicken was, or if it was also going to have gold included in the delivery. She was so sweet, and said “absolutely, I’ll call you back as soon as I find out more.”

It didn’t take long for Lisa to ring me back. Unfortunately, she didn’t know when the truck would be back on the road, but she did know where he was located. The poor guy never made it out of the first delivery appointment in Syosset. Poor Lisa, trying to say Syosset….she was determined to get it right, and after multiple failed attempts, finally got it right.

We celebrated her victory of mastering the pronunciation of Syosset! If you’re not from the area of Long Island, you wouldn’t understand how difficult it is for people to pronounce many of the Long Island towns in my area!

Lisa led me to my chicken in a truck

In any event, I told her I couldn’t wait around. Perhaps, if he didn’t mind, could I go pick it up where he was located. She said that would be fine, and asked if she could help with directions. I bet Lisa didn’t plan on such a fun day talking to me, having to pronounce crazy Long Island town names, and then having to tell me step by step directions to where the truck was located. She was a trooper though, and never lost her good nature! Total Customer Service rock star.

Once I had the directions, off I went in search of my Zaycon chicken in a truck. It was easy to get there, however it was far out of my way. Thankfully I had enough gas in the car, as I wasn’t expecting such a huge detour. The Zaycon driver was so apologetic, and quickly got the box of chicken out of the truck, and into my trunk. Since the weather wasn’t fantastic, I wasn’t about to snap a photo of that whole situation, but the truck looked great in the parking lot in Syosset!

Zaycon Foods chicken in a truck

Chicken in my friedge

Once the chicken was loaded up, and he checked me off on his little smartphone, I was off and ready to get home to pop the box of chicken in the fridge. This is what a 40 lb. box of Zaycon Chicken looks like in my fridge.

Zaycon Foods selling chicken and more meats from trucksI gave one of the four 10 lb. bags to my parents, who quickly sliced it down to smaller cutlets, and sealed them up for the freezer. Mr. Sunflower was left with 30 lbs. of chicken to slice and dice, and he did the same thing. However, he left one out for us to sample. JUICY and delicious. The chicken, before he cut it, was HUGE. He did the cutting when I wasn’t home, so I didn’t get to snap photos of it before it was cut……but here it is in the freezer for all to see!

Zaycon Foods fresh meat from a truckEven with the broken down truck, I’d give them another shot. Their customer service over the phone was superb and won me over as a lifetime customer! Now, I’d like to see some other meats offered in our area……

Disclaimer: I’ve signed up for Zaycon Foods. The link in this blog post is my REFERRAL link, which earns me a little credit towards purchases. I received free chicken, in order to facilitate this review. No monetary compensation was provided, and every last opinion in MINE, and mine alone.

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