A food box filled with awesome: HelloFresh Review

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A food box filled with awesome: HelloFresh Review

What’s the worst part about cooking? You know, besides the actual cooking? For me, there’s two things I hate: shopping and measuring everything out. After cooking, I canNOT stand cleaning up. However, that’s a different post entirely. Mr. Sunflower hates when I enter a food store. As much as I save shopping online for everything for the home, and the kids, I spend at the food store. Why? I hate coupons. If they don’t link to my shopping card, I won’t remember to use them. He makes me provide him with a list, and he brings it all home to me.

It’s not a perfect system

Sometimes he forgets things. Other times, he picks up the wrong things. When do I realize it? When I’m in the middle of prepping everything to cook it. UGH. He doesn’t mean to screw it up, but life happens. Even when everything is right, I find it super aggravating to have to buy a giant bunch of herbs when I just need a teaspoon of them. Such a waste. My solution to all of my issues:

  • shopping
  • forgetting items
  • purchasing wrong items
  • having to buy too much of an item
  • measuring everything out

It’s to have a box sent to me with fresh ingredients, plus a recipe, and all the ingredients measured out!

Allow me to introduce you to a food box filled with awesome: HelloFresh.

A food box filled with awesome: HelloFresh Review

HelloFresh VIP Box of ingredients #HelloFresh #ad

Mr. Sunflower gets the food shopping done at random times of the day, and on random days. There’s really no rhyme, or reason, to his shopping trips. It’s based on sales flyers, coupons and discounts. Unfortunately, that means my fresh ingredients are a bit “unfresh.” Especially not super fresh when I finally get to cutting, dicing, and measuring it all out for a recipe.

Fresh is best

Personally, I prefer fresh ingredients, and when they’re sent to my front door, it gives me a “tail wagging” happy feeling.

  • No going to the grocery store.
  • Portioned out ingredients
  • Not only are they portioned out, but also grouped together based on each recipe in the box (if you get more than one meal)

Time saved. Less waste. Great prices! Seriously, the prices are amazing for the meals. Where I live, ordering 3 meals for the week for two people (because we all know by now, it’s Little Miss and me eating together, while the boys eat bland stuff after The Boy takes a couple of bites) costs around $69.00. It’s a beautiful thing not having food going to waste in the fridge, because there’s just too much of one ingredient. It’s throwing away money. No thanks! Plus, these recipes, though simple, have divine flavors.

Easy instructions are important

If you’re wondering how someone like me can master some of these dishes, it’s simple: the recipes are easy to follow, and I have the kids helping when they can! Even though The Boy doesn’t always love everything, when he helps cook, he always TRIES the meal we all cooked together. It’s all I can ask at this point in our food journey with him. Little Miss usually loves everything we make, HOORAY!!!

My VIP box included three amazing meals that we made together, and tried together. The Boy loved the chicken wrapped in what he thought was bacon, but was really prosciutto! My Little Miss loved how spicy the Quesadillas were, and really enjoyed the spinach with tomato we made with the chicken recipe. Just another super food she’s loving right now: spinach.

HelloFresh Prosciutto Chicken #chickenrecipe #hellofresh #subscriptionbox HelloFresh Curried Jamaican Beef #BeefRecipe #HelloFresh Charred Zucchini Quesadilla #HelloFresh #QuesadillaRecipe

My personal favorite? ALL OF THEM. Each one was more delicious than the next, and I’m looking forward to ordering my next boxes over the summer when I’ve got my two Sous Chefs home from school!


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  1. Staci Gerardi June 18, 2015 at 8:50 am

    It was plenty for me and Little Miss. We received the boxes with meals for two people, but they do have meals for four!

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