A symbiotic Points and Money earning relationship


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If you had been using Points2Shop and their sister site, Cashle, you may now see that it’s one site. It’s a symbiotic points and money earning relationship if you will.

You start at Points2Shop, create your account, and it automatically starts you with Cashle, too. Basically, all roads will lead to the Points2Shop website now, which might cause a bit of confusion for some who have used the site for a long time.

What was Points2Shop?

Points2Shop was pretty basic: you earned points, and then you used those points to shop for any product on Amazon.com. If you registered for your account with Points2Shop, you earned 250 points, which is basically $2.50 cash to shop with. If you’re a big Amazon.com shopper, it’s the perfect place to earn yourself points doing offers, watching videos, and so much more.

What was Cashle?

Cashle was all about earning cash for doing things like completing surveys, and winning contests. If you signed up through Cashle, you earned $.50 in your account to start you off. However, if you already signed up through Points2Shop, you wouldn’t get both the $2.50 from them and the $.50 from Cashle. Basically, you picked the one you desire more, and sign up through that site….and have the accounts set up for both sites at one time.

What is Points2Shop + Cashle, now?

Not much has changed. It’s just one big, happy site. Cash can be earned through Points2Shop, so now there’s need to confuse everyone with multiple platforms. If you’re not a member yet, use this referral link to sign up –> Points2Shop and Cashle have joined into one

To find ALL offers, you click on the EARN POINTS tab at the top of the home page, and you will see a listing of all the offers available. Once you’re in the Earn Points page, you will see things like Offers, where you’ll find categories like Cash Offers, Free Promotions. Go down the page and you’ll see Surveys, External Offers (outside partners that allow you to earn through Points2Shop,) Mobile, Videos, Daily, Savings, and then Games & Competitions.

The whole site is very nicely laid out, and easy to find offers to start earning your heart away. Once you’ve earned your points, head over to the Spend Points tab….you’ll find tons of products to choose from, along with GIFT CARDS!!!!

A special note: When you first go into the cash offers, you will see that it says YOU WILL EARN in green boxes next to each offer. If you signed up through Points2Shop, it will display POINTS. There’s a little message right above the list of offers that  says you might want to start earning cash by clicking here. Once you click on the words clicking here on their website (not my blog,) you’ll notice that each of the green boxes now display YOU WILL EARN and then a dollar amount.

If you want to earn cash and not points, I recommend doing this as soon as you sign up and hit the cash offers page!

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