A unique holiday table

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Do you look at your table on a big holiday and wonder how you can make it stand out? Be unique? How can one achieve a unique holiday table? I’ve got the answer, and no, it won’t stress you out! No crafts necessary!

One plate, many designs! Change up your table with Plate-Ables - reusable decals from Create UR Plate!A unique holiday table

Crafting isn’t always the way to go with making a unique tablescape. Sometimes all you have time to put on your holiday table are two candles, a couple of turkey projects your kid made at school and the actual items everyone needs to eat the meal. Oh, and a tablecloth thrown on the table before you start the whole table-setting process. Another thing we all have no time for? Cleaning up after the meal! Everyone’s stuffed, but dessert has to be served and no one wants to wait for the table to be cleared off AND for the dishes to be cleaned up. Am I right? Holidays are about eating non-stop from the moment we wake up, until the moment we go to bed.

How does a hostess with the mostess put a unique holiday table together, and save time when cleaning up? Create UR Plate, that’s how! Anyone can create their own Plate-Able™ design, customizable with photos from your computer, Instagram, or Dropbox. There’s options to add clip art, backgrounds, and text. It’s the cutest thing ever! Design the decal, and then purchase the plates separately. The plates must be clear, because the decals cannot come in contact with food. If you can find clear, disposable plates at your local store with the same sizing, pick up a pack and then design your Plate-Able™ to use on them. However, a pack of 40 on the website is just $9.99. Make life easier, just get the plates on the site, and the decals – you’ll have less stress trying to find the perfect size!

If you’re not into putting the re-useable Plate-Able™ on disposable plates, it’s okay. You can also use them on regular plates. HOWEVER, the Plate-Able™ goes on the bottom of the plate. If you want to use Plate-Able™ decals, you’ll have to get clear glass plates. (Head to the dollar store for them, they have them super cheap and since you’re dressing them up with a fantastic Plate-Able™ it doesn’t matter if they are plain!) The site also sells clear plates for $29.99. There’s 6 in the pack, so if you can get the ones at the dollar store that match the size you need, I’d go for the dollar store on this one.

Still want to do something crafty

Let’s say you love the Plate-Able™ decals, but you still want to be a little crafty. You can take your clear plastic plate, flip it over, put your decal on it, then paint the back of the dish. Dress it up with gold, or silver, or a more holiday kind of color. If you’re nervous about painting on the decal, take the decal, put a mark around it on the plate, pull the decal off, and tape it off so you know you won’t paint in the decal area. Once the painting is done, put the decal back on it. Why not paint right over the back of the decal? Simple, you can re-use them! Take them off the plate when you’re done, put the decal backing back on them, store it in the pouch they come in.

Huge fan of these decals. Everyone knows I’m a photo nut, and love all things you can create with photographs! I’ve got the perfect photo to use at my next Easter celebration at my house – that’s my holiday to host! I’m going to take advantage of the holiday discount happening right now on Create UR Plate. Who doesn’t love to save money, right? Create UR Plate is offering 25% off all Thanksgiving and Christmas Designs right now!

Do not miss out on sprucing up your holiday table!

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