Meatball Recipe Collection in Honor of National Meatball Day

A meatball recipe collection you’ll want to bookmark so you can create meatball creations today, and for future meals with your family and friends. Growing up, Wednesday nights were meatballs and macaroni nights in our house. Unfortunately, my kids don’t have the most structured meals and meal times. Honestly, we don’t have sit down dinners all that often, as our family has sports, and all kinds of other activities, so it’s an “eat when you can” household. So if you’re like us, and have no rhyme or reason to your meal schedules….. meatballs are a perfect meal. You can make a huge batch, freeze them, and everyone can heat them up whenever they want to enjoy balls of meat!

meatball recipe collection

All Meat Meatball Recipe Collection

I have teenagers now, but we’ve had chaotic evening schedules since my daughter was four and began all of her evening activities. Each night I would drag her baby brother with us to Jiu Jitsu, dance, and sports. Then when baby brother turned four, his were added to the mix. Of course, every activity occurred during normal meal times. So, we got used to eating whenever we had time, which meant everyone ate at different times! One of our go-to meals: meatballs.

We’re not into meatless, so you won’t find any meatless meatballs on this list. Those would just be veggie balls, or food balls….. and that’s not a list I currently have, or really want to have.

For all my fellow meat lovers, I’ve created a kick-ass filled to the brim with meat meatball recipes:

Now, just to be clear – you can probably swap out meat for meat substitutes, or some mashed up veggie concoction. I know mashed eggplant can be a great option for meatless meatballs. And, if it’s hot out and you aren’t into using your oven or stovetop, throw your meatballs on a pan and use your BBQ grill!

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