Bedridden with FiOS

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Verizon FiOS as part of the #FiOSNY Campaign. All opinions are 100% my own.

Beyond experiencing pain from Endometriosis, I normally don’t spend a lot of time bedridden with any kind of illness. As a matter of fact, five years have passed since being bedridden from sickness. Recently, a sinus infection and Endometriosis flare-up hit. The combination left me bedridden with FiOS. I do believe it’s been five long years since my last sinus infection, and last time, I didn’t have FiOS to get me through the suffering!

Bedridden with Verizon FiOS

Bedridden with FiOS

Oh, the flare-ups, rather what I call flare-ups, with Endometriosis are excruciating. I’ve found ways to lessen them, but once a month, my body reminds me “hey, girl, you’ve still got it, and don’t you forget it.” When I don’t eat the right foods, it’s worse. Apparently, I wasn’t eating the right things, which makes sense since the holidays just ended! I was shoveling all kinds of foods that cause inflammation in my body, and I just wasn’t paying attention to my body. It’s probably why I also ended up with a sinus infection.

New York ended up having a heat wave over the holidays, and of course, my allergies flared up. I didn’t handle my allergies properly, and everything backed up. Guess what happened? Sinus infection, that’s what. Everything hit me all at once, and my weekend involved my bed. Normally, this kind of thing upsets me. I can’t get much done from bed. Then, the skies parted, the rays of sun came down from the heavens, and I remembered “FiOS is in the house.”

Thanks for having my back FiOS

Five years ago, the last time I was so sick I couldn’t stand, I didn’t have FiOS. Our internet was slow. I couldn’t record my favorite shows on my DVR, because we didn’t have one. I couldn’t pause live television to have a coughing fit, or a sneezing fit. Insanity. I haven’t the time for that kind of garbage!

Well, this time around, FiOS saved me. I may not have been able to write, because my brain wasn’t about to form any kind of intelligent sentences. However, I was able to continue with social media influencing, without missing a beat. Thank goodness for my phone, and iPad.

Emails didn’t pile up, which causes crazy issues for my productivity once I’m feeling better. When I needed to just curl up, and let the heating pad work it’s magic, along with the pain meds, I had my FiOS Mobile app on my iPad. Everything I’d been recording while I was able to sleep, I had at my fingertips. It helped keep me distracted from the pain happening all over my body.

Distractions are necessary when pain’s involved

Pain just takes over your body at times, but when you’ve ways to distract your brain, the pain can be less intense. Being alone, in a dark room, focused on the pain, doesn’t do anyone any good. At least, it doesn’t do me any good. I’m grateful for FiOS keeping me distracted. Plus, during the times I could sit up, and “think,” it was amazing having my FiOS Internet in order to complete work. It’s the little things that make #LifeOnFiOS so much sweeter.

I’m a simple girl, with simple needs. FiOS was a huge assistance this weekend, and I’m so grateful to be a customer of Verizon FiOS.

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  1. Brenda January 13, 2016 at 7:55 pm

    I’m so sorry you weren’t feeling well and had so much pain. That is good that you had something to watch and keep you updated on social media to help pass the time and served as a distraction. I’ve never heard of Fios before, but it sounds like a useful thing to have.

    • Staci Gerardi January 13, 2016 at 8:04 pm

      Thanks. The pain I’m used to, but it’s nice when I’m stuck in bed that I have a way to distract me from the misery! FiOS is fabulous. You have to check to see if it’s in your area!

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