All the Best Chocolate Cake Recipes

One of the most-loved and requested cakes for birthdays, holidays, or any kind of celebration is probably chocolate. I haven’t done a scientific study or anything, but I have kids and lots of family, so based on what they devour at family functions, chocolate cake recipes are in high demand! You know, after cookies and ice cream.

chocolate cake recipes

Impressive Chocolate Cake Recipes to Bake for Your Next Celebration

Chocolate cake is a classic option if you want to satisfy many people with just one dessert. If you’ve been baking the same chocolate cake for years and it isn’t as popular as it once was – maybe it’s time to try a few new chocolate cake recipes to win back the crowd at your next celebration or gathering!

The Best Chocolate Cake Recipe {Ever}

When baking, it’s always a baker’s goal to have a moist cake that brings rich flavors to everyone’s taste buds. What sets this recipe apart from others is how truly rich the chocolate flavor is, which is brought out by a surprise ingredient: espresso powder. Add a Pinch’s recipe will be the hit with all the die-hard dessert lovers!

Best Chocolate Cake Recipe (from Scratch)

Espresso powder makes an appearance in Joy Food Sunshine’s cake recipe, too. What makes this one a little different? It incorporates sour cream into the cake mixture and then you hit it with mini chips once it’s slathered in homemade chocolate buttercream frosting!

The Most Amazing Chocolate Cake Recipe

All chocolate cakes are not equal, and The Stay at Home Chef’s chocolate cake stands out mostly for its frosting! The cake batter has buttermilk in it, so that’s unique, but the chocolate cream cheese frosting is what transcends this particular chocolate cake recipe!

Chocolate Whipped Cream Cake

Country Living’s recipe winner in 2005’s Mom’s Best Cake Contest adds a bit of anisette to her cake batter, and uses whipped cream to make the filling and frosting. And there ain’t nothing wrong with any of that!

Chocolate Meringue Cake

Sugar Salt Magic’s chocolate cake recipe is one of the most unique you’ll find on this list! It combines crispy meringue, fluffy cream, all swirled with chocolate. The shaved chocolate on top really brings this cake to a whole new level!

Flourless Chocolate Cake

Oddly enough, King Arthur Baking Company has a recipe that doesn’t have flour in it. Go figure! It does have plenty of chocolate, as well as, wait for it….. espresso powder. But absolutely no flour!

Black Magic Chocolate Cake

Diethood’s Black Magic Chocolate Cake recipe includes one unique ingredient that’s similar, yet different: brewed black coffee instead of espresso powder! And the frosting combines whipping cream, chips and butter!

Chocolate Sour Cream Bundt Cake

One can never go wrong with a bundt cake, as we all learned from the movie Big Fat Greek Wedding. Now, with the frosting on Two Peas and Their Pod’s Chocolate Sour Cream Bundt Cake you won’t be able to plop a potted plant in the middle of it when serving it, but it’ll definitely go over well with a big crowd of cake lovers!

Ultimate Chocolate Cake

Preppy Kitchen’s Chocolate Cake isn’t super unique in the sense he doesn’t tell you point blank which unsweetened cocoa powder to use, but he uses Ghirardelli premium baking unsweetened cocoa powder not just in the batter but also in the frosting. And when you read through his tips, he too recommends amping up the chocolate flavor with either hot brewed coffee or espresso powder. I just love all of his tips and help he provides, not just the recipe and the instructions. So be sure to read through everything when starting to bake his chocolate cake recipe.

Now I’m not telling you to eat chocolate cake every day, or make every one of these chocolate cake recipes. I’m just sharing all the ones we love so you can mix up your baking experiences and surprise people with a subtle change to a classic cake that might be getting a smidge “outdated”.

Or, use the old recipe and incorporate a new frosting… or, a splattering of nuts to dress the cake.

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