Buying efficiently: ways you’re wasting money on clothing

Have you ever looked in your closet, and, although it is full of clothes, not been able to find anything to wear?

  • One’s faded
  • An outfit falling apart at the seams
  • Another doesn’t look good on us
  • Finally, one outfit just looks – ugh! – so bad on us!

We set these outfits aside with excuses, then settle on the same old reliables we always wear. Then we go buy new clothes, which fall into the same fate as the old ones! Why do we do this? Is there anything we can do to stop throwing money away on clothing?

Buying efficiently: ways you're wasting money on clothing

Buying efficiently: ways to save on clothing

You can stop throwing our money away, but it’s important to understand why you’re buying the “duds” to begin with! Here are a few ways we all waste money on clothing.

Buy things you will wear

Think about the belt with the punk spikes, or those really tall stilettos in the store window. Sure, they looked good, but when we get home, both items languish in the closet next to the parachute pants and steampunk lace. Often, we buy things that look cool, but the objective is to buy things that look cool on you. Other times, we buy things for a fantasy version of ourselves. These things go unworn because the reality is that is not our personal style. To ensure your wardrobe doesn’t go to waste, make sure you consider what you like, as well as what’s practical for you! Don’t buy into trends, and fashion looks you aren’t comfortable in.

Buy for the right reasons

Often we go into stores and buy things for reasons other than demonstrated need. Maybe they’re on sale (a common reason). Perhaps we want to feel better, and a bright yellow flare skirt totally fits the bill, for now. When we shop without a plan, more often than not, we buy things we don’t need. Get around this by taking stock of what you already have.

See where you can reuse what you have, or where you can adapt it to another outfit. If you absolutely need to buy a new piece or outfit, know exactly what you want before you shop so you don’t waste money window-shopping.

Quality first

When you spend money on clothing, consider how long the clothing will last. Weigh this information alongside the cost of the item. Too often, we think spending $20 on an item instead of $200 is going to be a bargain, right? However, after a quick examination of things like

  • the length of the stitching in the seams and hems
  • the security of the buttons

can show how far that $20 or $200 will go. A rule of thumb: always spend the extra dollar for better quality.

Don’t be afraid to spend the $200 on the better version of a jacket, because it’ll probably last longer than 10 of the $20 version. Of course, if the $20 version is as well made as the $200 one, don’t splurge just because of equating price with quality. This happens most with designer labels, which people pay more for because they mistake the extra money for quality and prestige.

Why dry?

Sometimes the cost of clothing doesn’t take place at the clothes store. Washing and drying clothes not only costs more money than it needs to, but it can also damage the clothes. An important way to save money on clothing: buy clothing that’s simple to care for, thus helping it last longer. This is especially true in the case of drying: while there are a lot of energy and cost-efficient dryers out there, drying clothes takes up a lot of electricity. It means your clothing is costing you money even after you buy it!

How many do you need?

When a look fits you well, it might be tempting to buy more than one, especially if it comes in a variety of colors or patterns. However, how many copies of that v-neck top is too many? Consider how many of an item you have in your wardrobe, and don’t be afraid of variety. If you stick with the same look all the time, your wardrobe will be boring. It’s possible to stay within your personal style and budget while introducing some new styles to your repertoire. Try not to limit yourself to one look by buying multiple copies of the same item.

We waste a lot of money on clothing, but often we’re not aware of why we’re doing it. However, following the advice above and keeping an eye on your clothes, you can avoid this trap and never spend more on clothing than absolutely necessary!

Author BioGwen Lewis is a writer, and makeup artist, based in Southern California. Because of her passion for beauty and health, she hopes to help others not just look great, but feel great, whether through makeup, or her writing. In her free time, she enjoys shopping, and pick-up soccer games with her friends. Check her out on Twitter at @GwenEveLewis.

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