The Ultimate of All the Cookie Holidays: National Cookie Day

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We’ve got national days for everything these days! Throughout the year we have a ton of cookie holidays like Chocolate Chip Cookie Day in August, Sugar Cookie Day in July, and even Oatmeal Cookie Day in April. They’re loved by many, and probably one of the most baked desserts around Christmas. I mean, we all love a cookie swap, and leaving out these treats for Santa on Christmas Eve night. It’s really no surprise a national day around this beloved goodies would occur in December, right? These baked treat holidays just make sense as we enter into end of the celebration party season!

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Cookie Holidays Need to be Celebrated with Homemade Cookies!

None of us can celebrate these holidays without baking some from scratch. On a regular weekday, it’s totally cool to grab a package off of the grocery store shelf. Maybe even get the pre-made dough and bake some off. But for the most cherished of all the cookie holidays, it’s time to find the perfect recipes and bake those beauties from scratch.

Chocolate Chip

America’s favorite: Chocolate Chip. It has its own day in August. However, you can’t celebrate National Cookie Day without including the beloved baked treat on a cookie holidays recipe roundup, right?!!! Enjoy Joy Food Sunshine’s Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe.

Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies. They just scream holidays to me. You can do just about any shape, and decorate them with anything you want. Now, I’m on team crispy. Others love a chewy one. Since I love a crispy ones, I’m sharing Minette Rushing’s Crispy Sugar Cookie recipe with all of you. If you want a chewy sugar cookie recipe, you’ll have to Google it. I can’t bring myself to share something I’ve never baked.

Peanut Butter Cookies from Scratch

One of the first cookies I ever baked was the Peanut Butter Cookie. I’m not a huge peanut butter lover. I enjoy Reese’s Pieces, and when holidays are around the corner, peanut butter cookies. I have no clue why, it’s just what it is. One of my favorites to make is Preppy Kitchen’s Peanut Butter Cookies recipe.

Brownie Cookie Recipe

A cookie that combines the mighty brownie and the beloved cookie: Brownie Cookie. I love an easy recipe, and I thoroughly enjoy ones that include some kind of nut. Now this one calls for pecans, but I prefer walnuts. Just swap it out when making I Heart Eating’s Brownie Cookie recipe.

Shortbread Cookies

Another cookie that shouts “the holidays have arrived”: shortbread cookies. There’s something about curling up with a hot beverage and a stack of homemade shortbread cookies. Lauren’s Latest has a simple Shortbread Cookie recipe you’ll thoroughly enjoy on a cold winter’s night.

Butterscotch Cookie Recipe

Nothing says Christmas like butterscotch! If you’re a fan of the candies, you’ll devour Lauren’s Latest’s Cinnamon Butterscotch Cookies recipe.

Butter Cookies

The final cookie I can’t live without over the holidays: butter cookies. You can’t eat just one! Of course, for the best Butter Cookie recipe you head to Delish!

Ginger-Rye Cookie Recipe

Not your typical holiday cookie, because most think gingerbread cookies during the holidays. However, when you want to do something a bit different, give Bon Appetit’s Ginger-Rye Cookie recipe.

Pecan Sandies

As a kid, my mom used to buy Pecan Sandies made by that little Keebler Elf. They were good, and it was one treat both my father and I would fight over. He used to put them high in the kitchen cabinet. But, luckily, we had plenty of chairs for me to climb on to retrieve those delectable baked treats. It wasn’t until I moved out that I realized I could make them on my own, skipping all the crappy Keebler ingredients instead focusing on the quality ones. Years of trying new recipes to find just the right one led me to Chew Out Loud’s 4 ingredient Pecan Sandies Cookie recipe.

Holiday Cookie Swaps

Beyond celebrating National Cookie Day, any and all of the included recipes would impress at holiday cookie swaps. You can make them a few days in advance and store them in airtight containers so they stay fresh for the cookie swap. Just make sure you provide plenty of adult beverages to pair with the cookies for the big kids, and a variety of milks for the younger kids.

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