Disney MagicBand gets a much needed update in 2017

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Disney MagicBand gets a much needed update in 2017. MagicBands is still only available at Walt Disney World in Orlando, and after the first generation of bands, it’s nice to see the update done this year. What were once super uncomfortable to wear all day, are now more flexible on your wrist, but that’s just the beginning!

Disney MagicBand gets a much needed update in 2017

Disney MagicBand gets a much needed update in 2017

Let me start by saying the old bands still work! Don’t throw your old ones away, especially if you purchased special ones for you, and your family. Updated bands aren’t going to make the old ones obsolete, I promise. Well, at least for right now. Disney has just done a bit of an upgrade to the bands, making them a bit more comfortable to wear on your wrist. However, there’s more places to wear these bands now.

In the updated MagicBand, AKA MagicBand 2 there’s a disc with all your magical information. The disc can be removed, and swapped to a different bracelet, or it can be placed into different MagicKeeper accessories you can purchase online, or at Walt Disney World.

Back in 2015, our first time we experienced the Magicbands, I found them very stiff and uncomfortable. In 2017, I hardly felt the bracelet on my wrist. It’s much more flexible now, and a bit more lightweight. The MagicBand 2 is still adjustable, just like the old style ones. My son, and I, needed to remove the extra gray piece, so the bracelets fit tighter. Apparently, I have child sized wrists. Well, at least with the newer, sleeker designed MagicBand.

All the same colors are available, even the new purple that was introduced in 2016. As always, there’s personalized bands you can purchase, or you can get the accessories to place the disc into, so no bracelet is necessary. Hang it off of your lanyard, or belt loop. Whatever works, and makes it the most comfortable. As the bands stick around for a bit, I’m sure more accessories will make their way to stores!

I’m hoping to score my daughter a Tinker Bell bracelet, and perhaps Stitch for me and The Boy.

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