Point Earning Basics: Easiest ways to earn Zoombucks

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When it’s time to earn free money, and gift cards, Zoombucks is one of the easiest places to earn your little heart out. It’s got all the bells and whistles you need: offers, surveys, tasks, shopping and earning, playing games and more. It’s got all the attributes of every other site out there, right? So what in the world are the easiest ways to earn Zoombucks?

Watching Videos

I cannot express how much I love this function enough, on every site, because it’s the easiest way to earn points on EVERY last one of these sites. You just watch videos, the meter increases, and you have some pretty interesting choices of what to watch! You watch the videos through the website, and pick and choose what interests you. You can have it on while you do other things, just have to keep heading back to watch a new video when the other one is done. I find it rather easy, because it keeps my attention longer. The videos are super short, so I don’t have to be all invested in anything. My attention span is that of a child……what was I writing about……

Visiting the Offers Page Every Day

Even if you’re not into participating in any offers on the offers page, which are super fast and can be sorted easily into free ones that take little time, you can still earn points just for visiting the page. Once you’re on the offers page, just scroll to the bottom of the page. You will see a CAPTCHA spot. When you enter the wording asked for, you earn Zoombucks! It’s guaranteed points every day.

ZDaily in the WIN ZBucks area of the site

When you’re on the home page, there’s a WIN tab at the top of the page. In there, you will find ZDaily. Click on that, and you can earn a variety of amounts of ZBucks. It won’t be every day, but there’s quite of few days during the week that I earn anywhere from 1 to 5 Zoombucks just for clicking on the ZDaily tab.


That’s right. It’s not going to happen every time you search, but you might as well do a few of your regular internet searches on Zoombucks, try and earn a few Zoombucks.


Ask other people to join. You DO NOT have to have a blog to get referrals. They have a whole page dedicated to providing ideas on a variety of ways to refer people! It’s a great way to earn tons of “passive” points from friends, and family!

Joining up today is totally free. Check it out, experiment. When you use my referral link to sign up for Zoombucks, you’ll be in my network! Which means you can message me if you have questions, or want to share something new with me!

Trust me, you’ll love Zoombucks and how quickly the points start rolling in!

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