4 simple eating out for less tips

Who can’t benefit from learning eating out for less tips? Eating out doesn’t have to be totally cut from the family budget! Sometimes people just need to go out to a restaurant, and enjoy a meal they did not cook, or have to clean up after! Plus, sometimes families just want to get out of the house, and act like everyone else who spend tons of money eating out – because it feels GOOD.

So go and do it, but do it with FOUR BASIC THINGS in mind!

Eating out for less is a real, legit, no-joke possibilty

4 simple eating out for less tips

  1. Instead of ordering soft drinks, juices and alcoholic beverages – just drink water. If you’re feeling crazy, have them put a lemon, or lime wedge into it.
  2. Appetizers are sometimes so big, humans can’t even finish the appetizer and the entree, so just order the appetizer and a “side” of veggies, or whatever the restaurant offers as a side on their menu.
  3. Don’t go out to DINNER, hit the restaurant at lunch time instead. Most restaurants, especially Chinese restaurants, have much less expensive lunch specials.
  4. Forget the dessert at the restaurant. MOST restaurants buy things pre-made from their food distributors that sell desserts made from companies like Sweet Street. TOTALLY not worth it at most restaurants. So forget it. Go home and enjoy something homemade, or stop and get something less expensive!

When people sit down and think about it, there are tons of ways to cut the budget for eating out, without having to always choose to make dinner at home. Splurge once in a while and have fun. Being frugal is difficult enough – try not to give up EVERYTHING!

And of course, sign up for all those birthday and rewards programs with restaurants that you love. Get free things sent all the time.

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