Favorite treats delivered to my door by Baker’s Cousin

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Favorite treats delivered to my door by Baker’s Cousin? How is that a thing? It’s crazy, right? Baked, beautiful goodness shows up at my door each month.  Some of the most amazing bakers around sharing their recipes, too! Who doesn’t want to know more about how to become a taster with Baker’s Cousin? You’re crazy if you don’t keep reading. Certifiable, even!

Favorite treats delivered to my door by Baker's Cousin [sponsored]

Favorite treats delivered to my door by Baker’s Cousin

What is this crazy talk, you ask? It’s Baker’s Cousin. They have created this amazingly unique concept for their subscription box. I’ve been through quite a few monthly boxes, we all know this. However, Baker’s Cousin has put a spin on theirs that’s truly inspired.

Every first Monday of each month, Baker’s Choice sets the monthly bake challenge. October was all about apples, November, all about pumpkin. Bakers submit recipes with the “chosen” ingredient. Baker’s Cousin goes through all the submissions, chooses the top 20 (after lots of baking and taste testing,) and subscribers get to vote for the recipe they think is tops! Baker’s Cousin then tallies the votes, and the top four are the ones that end up in the monthly tasting box.

Yes, that’s right, America votes for the recipes they most want to taste on the Baker’s Cousin’s website. Magical. When the box arrives, not only do you receive the baked goodies, but also the recipes from the baker’s themselves.

What did I love most about my box in October?

Beyond the fact that I’m a lover of apples, especially when inside of baked goods, I loved how fresh each one tasted. I ate one immediately upon my Baker’s Cousin subscription box arrival. I shared one the following day, and then the last two I had a few days later. Each one tasted just as fresh as if they’d just been baked.

I’m also happy to report, they don’t over do the portion sizes. Each one is sized perfectly, and since I’ve been attempting to slowly remove gluten from my diet, eating these didn’t kill my belly. If you’re into experiencing new recipes, and love to receive fresh baked goodies on your doorstep – Baker’s Cousin is going to win you over. I’m excited to see what December brings….. I’m thinking it could be peppermint?

In the meantime, how do you like them apples?

Favorite treats delivered to my door by Baker's Cousin

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