Frugal style ladies spa weekend on Long Island in New York

Many readers ask how I save money, but still get to enjoy SOME fun. Recently, I told my friend about a gal pal pampering weekend I’m heading to later this year. I realized sharing it here would benefit everyone.

Gal Pal Pampering Spa Weekend

Gal pal pampering weekend on Long Island

Frankly, I need a night out. I haven’t been out since my son was born in November of 2008. Not even joking. He’s almost two. Yes, I’ve been out without my kids: to run errands, do something for a friend, attend a wake, or return something to the store.

There’s been a couple of hours out here and there with friends, but not a relaxing NIGHT OFF. A night off when I wasn’t getting the kids ready for bed; cooking and feeding them dinner; and making sure everything’s handled, before leaving for a couple of hours. Yup, I have this kind of life: I do everything, no matter what.

The hunt for a great “off-season” spa getaway

I went on the hunt for something fun, but relatively inexpensive. My search led me to “off-season” overnight stays out East. I didn’t go ALL the way out East, I hovered just far enough and a lightbulb went off in my head. East Wind! If you don’t know what East Wind is, it’s a fabulous hotel and spa, with a restaurant and bar all in one, big, happy place in Wading River. I’ve been there many times, but never had the chance to experience the Spa. Now I’m not big on massages, they just don’t relax me. So I checked out different packages and found one that had some choices and I chose the Mani/Pedi (two hours of another person tending to me, no brainer). How could I not book a package named “Serenity?”

How did I save money?

I asked a friend to join me. It cuts the expense down. Now, this is still not “cheap” but it’s something you can do, overnight and enjoy with not just one, but three other gal pals and cut the cost down to $169.00. Pretty snazzy for East Wind. The keys to this deal: Do it during the OFF SEASON and inviting more than one gal pal to enjoy it with you. Not heading too far East saves tons of money. This same kind of night would cost a lot more the more we headed toward the “Forks” of Long Island.

What would I have paid?

If I wanted to do this little getaway during the season (May through October), all alone or staying in one room while my friend stayed in another: $359.00 for each of us. We saved $190.00.

What does the package include? Quite a bit.

  1. Unbelievably amazing service (you have no idea how nice and cordial and helpful the staff is at East Wind-they are awesome)
  2. Luxury Hotel Accommodations (for the two of us in one room) – TAXES INCLUDED. *The price for the room is what it says, no surprises
  3. 50 Minute Massage for my friend – TIPS INCLUDED
  4. Warm Brown Sugar Royal (Mani/Pedi) – TIPS INCLUDED
  5. A 15% off Voucher for The Jewelry Box & Gift Shop
  6. FULL USE of the Spa Facility (on both Saturday and Sunday): Locker Room, Rain Showers, Sauna, Steamroom and Relaxation Lounge
  7. Plush Robes & Slipper to use
  8. FULL USE of the indoor pool and Fitness center
  9. A NIGHT OFF! We can rejuvenate, clear our minds and enjoy some time away from the world of Mommy. Free of guilt, because we know the Daddies will be home taking good care of the little ones.

Some extras cost money

That’s a lot for our money. We’ll have to spend a bit on our drinks (which we’ll save for and spend wisely) and we’ll probably leave the hotel to find a less expensive alternative for dinner after we get our spa treatments, take a swim and relax in our fabulous room. Or, bring something from home – do a sandwiches, fruit and healthy picnic in our room with a bottle of wine from home.

Here are my tips when looking to do something like this:

  • Find at least three other gals to join you
  • Look for a summer-type resort during the OFF SEASON (rooms are cheaper)
  • Don’t stray far from home
  • Check out ALL the hotel has to offer: indoor pool, restaurant, bar, spa, night club, gym, sauna, wifi, etc.
  • Look for packages including TIPS in the total price
  • Double check to make sure the price listed is the ACTUAL price (ask if there are taxes on top of it)
  • Book through a Cash Rebate site if the hotel is a part of one online
  • USE a credit card that EARNS CASH BACK or POINTS towards something useful
  • Always check to see if the hotel has a rewards card (most chain hotels have one, I belong to Choice, Marriott and Super 8.
  • Save money by looking in the area for less expensive restaurants, or diners, to go eat at
  • Choose a package you enjoy! If you don’t like the spa, find a wine tasting tour, or an attraction tickets package with your stay

Is this the cheapest experience? No. Is it something you may not be able to afford, sure. There are PLENTY of other options to be able to have a gal pal pampering of your own. I just want you to know it’s possible and the types of things to look for when hunting for a decent travel deal. Personally, I love East Wind. The service there is amazing from your first phone call to the follow up they provide. It’s why I chose them.

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