Guest Post: how to save money & your sanity at Sesame Place

Guest writer Diane from Doofy Dizee. She’s a FELLOW Long Island Mom and loves to save money! Diane’s brand new to the blogging world and she’s off to a really fantastic start. 

Guest Post: how to save money & your sanity at Sesame Place

Doofy Dizee and her Family

How to save money & your sanity at Sesame Place

Have you gone to Sesame Place and spent a bundle? Yeah, me too.  However, there are a ton of great ways to save money at Sesame without having to tell your kid ‘No’ to everything.

Season Passes

It entitles you to 30% off all food, drinks & merchandise. Last year, it even included the games- making them $3.00 a piece! Only one person in your group really needs a season pass. If you plan on spending $40 or more on Sesame Park food, pictures or the like – it is worth it. A 1 or 2-day ticket will run you $55.99 (age doesn’t matter, unless you are under 2) while a base season pass ticket is $94.99. If you plan on going multiple times you may want to upgrade to the Big Bird Pass level because it includes parking. And August is the best time to go – when you purchase a season pass in August, you get the following year free too! Score!!

Rainy Day Pass

Did you know your entitled to a Rainy Day Pass if it rains an hour or more while you are at the park. This pass will allow you to come back any day of the current operating schedule. Only valid on regular tickets.

Game Pass

Game passes are available at the Sesame Playhouse.  It works like a debit card.  The cool thing is, adding $20.00 to a card will get you $25.00 worth of games and so on.  The best value is putting $100 on a card which will get you $150 worth of games.  This maybe worth it if you have a bunch of competitive family members (like I do…) Best part, during the summer, that can translate to 50 games (at $3.00 each with a season pass!)

Pack a Stroller

Young children get tired and whiney. He or she will want to be carted around like a queen or a king. You don’t want to pay $16.98 a day on a stroller when you could have brought one from home. Your wallet and your back will thank you. Sesame Place

Sesame is largely a water park

Pack accordingly. Bathing suits are a must. Water activities require Water Diapers. Sesame Place charges $4.00 a diaper. Yes, a diaper. If you catch a sale, you can get a whole package for that price. Also, if your luck isn’t what we would call good, your beloved child will need a changing before he sets foot in the water.

Bring a couple changes of clothes 

For you and the kids. Carrying wet children to the car will make you wet as well. I did not think of this last time. No fun, trust me on this one.


The new parade is fantastic (and I am totally not a fan of parades…)  Sesame Place says the best spot to see the parade is ‘where the blue meets the black’.  Well, you need to be lining up a good forty-five before the parade to get those seats.  We always sit by the Elmo, Big Bird & Snuffy topiary.  There is also a ledge to sit on (or to have your kid stand on so they can see.)  Short of a monsoon, the parade will run.

Invest in a Refillable Cup

A re-fill on a refillable cup is around $.99. Plus, you can reuse it each day, or each trip.


You cannot bring packed lunches into the park, however I have seen people do it. Snacks, formula & medically necessary items are permitted in a soft sided cooler 10″x10″x12″. There is a picnic spot available by the parking lot. Personally, I try to buy the single bags of Sun Chips for $1.00 in regular stores and then I do the old ‘bait & switch’.  When my son starts begging for something from the concession stand, I tell him mommy already bought him one!  Sometimes you just have to play the game….


The Characters pop up periodically throughout the park, usually accompanied by stoic looking bodyguards. Do not trip while running to get on line. I have never seen Abby or Elmo on the street – the only places to meet them are at a character meal or at 1-2-3 Smile With Me. We have found the Breakfast with Elmo to be worth the price. You can meet Elmo, Bert, Ernie, Zoe and Big Bird. They will walk around and interact with you as well. Be sure to get your food early, though (I have not seen them refill empty trays).

Two more great things:

  • you get into the park a little earlier than everyone else
  • you dine inside an air conditioned building


We like going to the shows around lunch time.  Most people are trying to find somewhere to eat in the food courts so you can get pretty good seats for the show.  I usually do the good ol’ ”Sun Chip Trick” around now & then we head to lunch in the 2′s.

Take lots of pictures & enjoy

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  1. Barbara Mascareno-Shaw August 19, 2011 at 11:26 am

    This looks like a great place to visit with the whole family. Awesome :)
    Thanks for hosting the Frugal Friday at vB.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend,

    • November Sunflower August 19, 2011 at 12:58 pm

      Kids love Sesame Place. It’s in Pennsylvania, so it’s close enough for us Long Islanders to drive to without TOO MUCH drama from the backseat!

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