Holistic Health: Integrating Body, Mind, and Spirit for Well-Being

The human body is a deceptively complex organism, consisting of multiple systems that contribute to the well-being of the whole. Interconnected and collaborative, these systems contribute to “homeostasis.” This word describes a desired state of balance in which all systems are operating effectively.

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Holistic Health for Your Best Life

Homeostasis is what happens when the body, mind, and spirit are all on the same page. That’s total health and that’s what “holistic health” means – wellness that encompasses all of you. Let’s talk about integrating body, mind, and spirit for wellbeing and holistic health.

You Are What You Eat

The world is full of food. Some of that food is helpful and some is harmful. Food is all around us, calling to us from billboards, televisions, and the internet. In an environment of such glut and abundance, sometimes it’s hard to eat well.

Eating well means finding the right diet for you. A change in diet is a great start toward a healthier lifestyle that’s balanced. Healthy eating, though, is a project, so start slowly, adding healthy foods and subtracting empty calories (“junk” food and fast food). Acclimatize yourself to this new dietary normal to make a permanent change.

Glow On

As you proceed on your journey toward holistic health, you’ll notice changes. Your skin, for one, will be clearer, brighter, and more refined. Your change in diet is part of that. Fast food and “junk” food rob your skin of health due to the high amounts of refined sugar, salt, and fats found in such foods.

But your glow will only grow as you continue building a healthier lifestyle. Diet is the foundation. On that foundation, you need to add regular movement. If you dislike exercise, find a type of movement you enjoy, like dancing, hiking, or swimming. Your health demands that your body move as part of a healthier lifestyle. And don’t forget that glowing hair and skin need abundant water! If you’re not sure how much water you should consume, the Mayo Clinic is happy to help!

The Healthy Brain

A healthy brain starts with a healthy heart, pumping oxygenated blood to our body’s command center so it can function optimally. That’s why exercise is so crucially important to holistic health. Exercise contributes to the ideal function of the brain. Brain health can also be served by a healthy diet that includes superfoods like blueberries, eggs, and salmon. Keeping your brain healthy, though, isn’t all about physical processes.

Life’s road has a lot of bumps. In fact, life can often be full of disappointment and trauma. Everyone experiences events that leave marks on them. But those marks needn’t be permanent. Part of holistic health is acknowledging the wounds life has left on us and acting to heal them. It’s often difficult for people to reach inside themselves to identify old wounds that continue aching. But doing so contributes to a fresh start, guided by a desire for holistic health.

Going Deep

Serve your spiritual side with music, being in nature, or lighting a candle on a rainy afternoon. Find pleasure in the small things in life, too often obscured under the pall of the “busyness” that plagues our modern lives. Make time for silent reflection and for looking inside yourself. In those moments, you create a self-directed intimacy that helps you see your life in perspective and your being through a more revealing lens.

Your being – physical, intellectual, and spiritual – is one organism, united in the job of being you in the world. Caring for your holistic health means healing, building up, and sorting through. Add what brings you vitality. Subtract what diminishes that vitality. And above all, apply lovingkindness to the fullness of yourself, as that is the true driver of personal change. It all starts with love.

About the Writer: Aaron Smith is an LA-based content strategist and consultant in support of STEM firms and medical practices. He covers industry developments and helps companies connect with clients. In his free time, Aaron enjoys swimming, swing dancing, and sci-fi novels.

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