Kids take on Universal Studios in Stride Rite sneakers

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Walking. It’s all part of a trip to Orlando. It doesn’t matter how hot it is, or if the rains pour down upon you, you’re going to be doing a ton of walking. The Boy had destroyed, or in his words, “got good use out of,” his sneakers from first grade. He loved them so hard, it was well worth it to get higher end sneakers. Summer sped by, and our family was leaving for Orlando for a family-centered Universal Studios Orlando trip! Both kids needed new sneakers, and the only answer was to hit up Stride Rite once again! The kids take on Universal Studios in Stride Rite sneakers, and love it!

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Kids take on Universal Studios in Stride Rite sneakers

Our family trip to Universal was a secret. Obviously, Mr. Sunflower knew. However, I kept the kids kept in the dark from the moment I purchased the family conference tickets, until the morning of the day we left! It took all of my self control not to share it with them, because I was so excited to bring them to Florida again. It would be another trip on a plane, plus another amazing adventure with my industry professionals. Secretly packing for them was a challenge.

Their Stride Rite sneakers arrived a couple of days before we were leaving. I made sure they tried them on. I told them no wearing them. The sneakers were for the first day of school, because I didn’t want them destroyed. Little did they know, they’d be taking on Universal with those new sneakers!

Of course, if you’ve traveled with kids on a plane, you know they love to get comfy. At least my two kids love to get comfy during a flight, so I try to put the kids in sandals, so they can easily take them off, and put them back on, during the flight. Since both kids are young, we don’t have to remove their shoes for security, but the flight, it’s just more comfortable not to have sneakers. Instead of wearing them, I hid them in my suitcase. They both thought their cruddy old sneakers would be in their suitcases.


Both kids are very into shoes. I’m not sure who they got that crazy trait from. It’s not like I have more shoes than a shoe store, or anything. On our first night, after we’d landed, we were all super hungry. Our goal: hit CityWalk. It meant a bit of walking. Our hotel was close enough to walk, and we wanted to experience everything while we were there. The kids looked at me, opened up their suitcases, didn’t see ANY sneakers. Again, they looked at me, not knowing what to wear on their feet. I told them to pull out some socks, and check out mommy’s suitcase for their sneakers.

Little Miss whipped open my suitcase, and smirked.

I knew you packed our new ones! I just knew it.

The Boy had a big grin.

Oh my. Let’s get these on and get some french fries for dinner.

Yup, those are my kids, folks. The Boy loves to say OH MY for everything. No clue where this came from, but I don’t care. It’s super cute! Almost everywhere we went, those kids wore those sneakers. Anytime we headed to CityWalk, or the parks, those sneakers got a great breaking in. No one got blisters. No one complained their feet hurt. However, the blue in my son’s sneakers won’t come out of his socks. Small price to pay for two happy kids, with no “my feet huuuurt” complaining!

Stride Rite sneakers on tour…..

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Stride Rite is going to be releasing Star Wars sneakers for adults, along with kids sneakers. If you want a chance to win a pair, or just want to be emailed when they are released, sign up for the Stride Rite email.

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