National Shortbread Day arrives on January 6th

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National Shortbread Day arrives on January 6th. Were you aware there was an actual National Shortbread Day? I know I wasn’t, and I’m a big fan of shortbread. I have grown up on Walkers Shortbread. Now, with my kids, I’ve got tins filled with crayons, markers, and colored pencils, because you never throw out a Walkers Shortbread tin! It’s just not normal. As I’ve been dealing with some stomach issues, I thought I’d have to give up my beloved Walkers Shortbread, but I don’t! They’ve got Gluten Free, and I couldn’t be happier.

National Shortbread Day arrives on January 6th [sponsored]

National Shortbread Day arrives on January 6th

Recently, I was asked to join a Shortbread Society. Growing up on Walkers, my first instinct was to scream with delight. Then, the gluten thoughts hit me. I was a bit hesitant, as I wasn’t sure my desire to lessen the consumption of gluten would work with Walkers Shortbread. However, when I looked through their website’s products, I found I can enjoy lots of shortbreads! I could have my family sample the regular goodies, while I could enjoy the gluten free selection. Sweet!

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have Celiac, so I can still eat gluten. I’m just toning it down, so when my beloved Shortbread Society sends me shortbreads to sample, and taste, I can partake with my family of sunflowers. However, if I want to go nuts with my shortbreads, I’ll have to leave the Walkers Shortbread Rounds, Walkers Chocolate Chip Shortbread, and my personal favorite, Walkers Shortbread Fingers, to my sunflowers. I’ll have a couple, and leave the rest to them.

Well, not true. Totally not true. Sorry, I lied to all of you. I totally hid the Walkers Shortbread Fingers. I’m going to keep those, so I can snack on one when I sit down with my morning coffee. One a day won’t bring my stomach down, and oh myyyyyyy, the pure butter shortbreads are my downfall. Butter is good, and dang Walkers knows how to make me happy with the butter flavor in those fingers. Dang!

What about the other two core products?

The little sunflowers? No surprise, they’re addicted to the Walkers Chocolate Chip Shortbread. It’s the traditional Scottish shortbread, which is classic all on its own, but then Walkers went and added chocolate chips. Not little chips, but chunks. Perfect for a little after school treat, with a little milk, or right now, hot chocolate!

Now, I allowed everyone to sample the Walkers Shortbread Rounds, which again, have that pure butter shortbread recipe going on. They’re just round, and don’t have the same butter flavor as the fingers. However, they are delicious and are now, safely tucked away, for me to nibble on when I’ve finished my shortbread fingers. Don’t judge me. I’m the one in the Shortbread Society, after all!

If you’re a fan of butter, obviously shortbread cookies are a must in your house. Walkers is the brand I hold all other shortbreads to, and I’ve yet to find another brand of shortbreads that stand up to the Walkers Shortbread brand. In this house, I’m not brand loyal to all that many brands. Walkers Shortbread is one of about four…. so you know, I mean business!


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