National Pie Day – pie recipe roundup

All pies must start with a phenomenal pie crust. You’d be surprised to learn pie crusts aren’t difficult to make, and don’t have a whole lot of ingredients! Once you have the perfect crust, you can then pick your favorite pie recipe to bake up all your favorite pie flavors!

pie recipe roundup

Pick Your Favorite Flavor and Dive into Baking the Perfect Pie Recipe

Baking a pie from scratch takes a little time, but it’s not overly complicated. Some pies have double crusts, some have no crust, and some have unique options like graham crackers! If you don’t have enough time to focus on making a crust, buy one! There’s a ton of options at your local grocery store. I’ve even seen an Oreo cookie crust pre-made crust.


Peach Pie

My all-time favorite pie flavor: peach. When I bake up a pie recipe, it’s the first choice as long as we have fresh peaches during peach season. You can used canned ones, but I find them too sweet once the whole pie is baked up. But, whatever your preference, you’ll absolutely be able to adjust Taste of Home’s peach pie recipe!

Apple Pie

Is there anything more American than a fresh scratch baked Apple Pie? It’s a staple on Thanksgiving tables, but it’s also a guest favorite on 4th of July with a healthy scoop of ice cream on top. Regardless of the time of year, one cannot go wrong with a warm apple pie on their dessert table! My favorite part of Little Spoon Farm’s recipe is the sanding sugar sprinkled on top!

Cherry Pie

Apples are definitely the pie filling people think about as all-American. However, cherries are probably considered the next most “American” pie filling people think of for 4th of July, right? Maybe it’s the red color, or maybe it’s because George Washington chopped down a Cherry Tree. Who knows! Love and Lemons has a great Homemade Cherry Pie recipe.

Strawberry Pie

We have a beautiful strawberry patch in our backyard. Over the summer I end up with more strawberries than I can possibly consume, so I pick them, slice them up and freeze them. Through the rest of the year, I defrost them and use them in different desserts, or we use them to top off ice cream or yogurt. Joy Food Sunshine’s Strawberry Pie recipe calls for fresh strawberries, but I just defrost mine and use those!

Key Lime Pie

Any time I hear someone mention Key Lime Pie, the Friends episode where Monica almost kills her brother after she uses Kiwi in hers. The whole episode was great, so if you haven’t seen it, make sure you catch it on whatever streaming service has Friends episodes! Now if you want to make a real Key Lime Pie try Food Network’s recipe!


Chocolate Cream Pie

When you’re hoping to impress a crowd of people without having to make a flour-based crust, Brown Eyed Baker’s Chocolate Cream Pie is your best bet! Now, for me, I make the whipped cream topping with regular table sugar instead of powdered sugar. I just prefer it, so I whip it up and leave it in a bowl next to the pie so people can put as much or as little on their slice of chocolate cream pie.

Coconut Cream Pie

Love coconut? Want an old school dessert to enjoy with your family or to bring to a holiday gathering check out Tastes Better From Scratch’s Coconut Cream Pie. I found it ironic it wanted me to buy a pre-made crust since the name of the website clearly references scratch baking….but, whatever. You can always make your own crust with graham crackers, or some vanilla wafers.

Banana Cream Pie

I’ve always thought it strange there isn’t more banana in a banana cream pie, but bananas do have a strong flavor so the layers of them works well in Preppy Kitchen’s Banana Cream recipe. On this one, definitely use powdered/confectioners sugar when whipping cream for this recipe. It needs that stability when you slather it on top.

French Silk Pie

If you’re wondering what the hell the difference is between Chocolate Cream Pie and French Silk Pie, it’s the pie crust. Chocolate Cream Pie is made with a cookie crust, whilst a French Silk is made with a traditional dough crust. Looking for a delicious recipe for a French Silk? Taste of Home’s version hits all the right flavors in the most traditional ways.

Buttermilk Pie

Most of the ingredients for a Buttermilk Pie are already in your home. If you’re trying to think of a quick dessert to serve after dinner during the week, stop on your way home for some buttermilk and then throw together Lil’ Luna’s recipe before starting dinner so it can sit and set in time for dessert!


Lemon Ice Box Pie

Want pie but don’t want the hassle of baking? You still make a homemade crust, but there’s no oven involved and you just have to let the whole thing chill in your fridge before serving. Simple and it still looks like you slaved for hours in the kitchen! Restless Chipotle’s No Bake Lemon Ice Box Pie will make your whole family fall in love with lemons, and desserts!

Frozen Strawberry Lemonade Pie

One of my all-time favorite beverages is strawberry lemonade. It’s not something I drink regularly, but if I’m out at a restaurant I’ll order one. Occasionally with my fresh strawberries, I’ll make homemade lemonade with fresh squeezed lemons and my strawberries. When I realized strawberry lemonade pie recipes existed – my life was complete. The best one out there on the internet is The Cookie Rookie’s and you’ll want to give it a try when strawberries are back in season!


Sweet Potato Pie

Personally, Sweet Potatoes aren’t my thing. I don’t like them made into fries, nor do I enjoy them in a casserole. However, for whatever reason, I don’t mind a good pie made out of sweet potatoes. Maybe the crust makes the difference? Or it could be the bourbon. I don’t drink anymore, but when booze finds its way into my meals or desserts, I’m not going to deny myself! And Well Plated’s Sweet Potato Pie recipe definitely makes my little tastebuds scream with delight!

Pumpkin Pie

True story: I actually love good old plain old Pumpkin Pie. However, it can bore friends and family, so if the plain version has people skipping it at your Thanksgiving dinners – give Sweet Peas and Saffron’s Bourbon Pumpkin Pie with Salted Brown-Butter Pecan Streusel.


Lemon Meringue Pie

Lemon is probably one of my favorite flavors in life. I use it when cooking, baking, and I drink a ton of lemon-based drinks. Even a simple lemon slice in my water makes me feel like I can take on the world. Of course a pie recipe with lemons would be on my roundup! If you want to make the perfect one at home, you’ll definitely fall in love with Southern Living’s Best-Ever Lemon Meringue. If you love meringue as much as lemon, this recipe is the one you want!

Enjoying a nice slice of pie after a meal really feels like home. Pie is the ultimate comfort food, gives all the warm and fuzzies as it satisfies a sweet tooth. It’s fancy enough to bring to a dinner party, but basic enough for a weekly dessert option. Not to sound cheesy, but the “pie’s” the limit when it comes to desserts!

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