Reasons why daylight savings time is bad for your health

It’s almost time again. Yep. If you live in states other than Hawaii and much of Arizona, get ready for the “Spring Forward” clock nonsense. We all dislike doing this each March, and frankly, we aren’t fans of “Falling Back” in November, either. Why do we even have to do it? It’s antiquated and needs to be abolished. It’s not just a pain in the ass, but ever wonder why daylight savings time is bad? I have and I’m happy to share what I’ve sussed out about daylight savings time!

why daylight savings time is bad for your health

Solid reasons why daylight savings time is bad for your health

First of all, it’s plain dumb to change clocks twice a year. I think we can all agree on this statement. However, it isn’t just dumb, it’s messing with our health. Here’s the lowdown….

Messes with Sleep Schedule

We lose an hour of sleep. However, that’s only the short-term sleep issue. More often than not, it takes people close to a week to adjust to the time change. Unfortunately, many people never truly sink into a healthy sleep pattern during daylight savings each year. It means months of crappy sleep patterns, and that increases cardiac problems – and, other health concerns.

Eating Habits

When we have less morning light, for some odd reason, it causes a change to our eating habits. Morning light seems to reduce our hunger hormones, according to the research BestLifeOnline.com has reported. Less morning light means poor eating habits – including overeating and grabbing unhealthy snacks for a quick hunger fix.

Listen, I’m not a morning person. I’m someone who prefers to sleep late, and go to bed late. However, for a healthier lifestyle, absorbing lots of morning light earlier in the day for the entire year, just makes healthier sense. Do I like this? Nope. I wish there were studies that insisted the sunshine happening late in the day is our best source for healthier living!

I adore late nights with sun out until 9pm. It makes me feel inspired. However, I can’t fight the science of sleep experts, right? So, let’s get rid of this daylight savings nonsense for good. Or, maybe let’s move to Hawaii! They get it.

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