Secrets of highly successful Swag Buck earner: Special Offers

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I consider myself a highly successful Swag Buck earner. Swagbucks.com has been a part of my mornings, afternoons, and evenings for many years. Without my Swagbucks.com account, I’d never be able to shop for free at so many of my favorite stores! Earning Swag Bucks is super easy, and takes so little time out of my daily routine….it’s amazing how the points just add up so fast!

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Whether you’ve just signed up through me using my Swagbucks.com referral link to get your 500 SB bonus, or you’ve been a member for awhile, I’ve got a great tip to help you earn more Swag Bucks! Thanks to Swagbucks.com, who have looked at the earning habits of highly effective and high-earning Swagbucks members, I’ve got some insights to help you earn more SBs faster. The faster you earn Swag Bucks, the faster you can redeem them for more gift cards!

Secrets of highly successful Swag Buck earners

It’s rather simple. Head over to the Special Offers section of the website, it’s a HUGE point earner!

Special Offers can be found under the Discover menu, which is a drop down menu at the top of the site. You can also find it on the homepage of Swagbucks.com. All those little boxes you see on the homepage….yeah, those have tons of Special Offers for members to earn, baby earn! Seriously, they are great ways to earn more Bucks.

Not only are there many free ways to earn, but several of the offers credit instantly, and many have a higher Swag Buck payout. Higher payout = more gift cards. Those with longer periods to credit often have even larger payout amounts, so it’s worth a quick look. In fact, the Swagbucks members who on average earn the most get the majority of their SBs from Special Offers — so why not follow suit to become top earners like them and get your gift cards sooner! If you haven’t signed up for Swagbucks yet, it’s a great way to get gift cards and pay for the things you want and need — all for doing things you already do online.

Click on my referral link here to sign up and start earning right away.

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