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gluten free on long island

Healthy lifestyle. It’s been a big topic for me, as you all know. I’ve been doing quite a lot of research; hunting down stores and products. It’s all to help me, and my family, to find that “health balance” without giving up all the things we love. Let me tell you, it is NOT easy.

Find everything Gluten free on Long Island at Strictly Gluten Free

While surfing the internet one afternoon, an ad popped up for a store called Strictly Gluten Free. After clicking on the ad, I was to the gluten free store’s website. What impressed me the most: it’s located on Long Island. I was excited and emailed them right away. The owner, Steve, invited me to check out the store and I jumped at the chance.

Steve and his wife, Angela, are the owners. A Celiac Disease diagnosis came for Angela in April of 2008. Her older sister? Her diagnosis came in January of 2008. Both women feel blessed to have the diagnosis. Both have battled health issues for years, and now have answers.

Unfortunately, she relied on large, chain stores stocking name brands who jumped on the Celiac wagon to make money. Never caring about the people eating the food.

Steve’s Celiac Disease vision

Steve had a vision. He, too, was eating the gluten free products and they just weren’t “doing it for him.” He saw a need for a massive change. Strictly Gluten Free is that change. Both Angela and Steve taste test the products on the shelves in their store. Trust me, there are more things on those shelves than I ever could have imagined. It’s not just amazing, imported from Italy, pasta, but also:

  • cheese
  • yogurt
  • gelatin
  • pancake mix
  • entrees you can just heat up
  • macaroni and cheese
  • beverages
  • baby formula
  • skin care products
  • cosmetics
  • a test kit to see if things have Gluten in them
  • and so much more

This dynamic couple have started their own brand of supplements! This isn’t just gluten free flour, my friends.

Dedicated to customer service

It’s not just about selling gluten free products at Strictly Gluten Free. Steve welcomes every person who walks into his store, answers questions, offers information and is genuinely EXCITED to help people eat great tasting gluten free foods. It’s amazingly refreshing to see TRUE customer service at its finest.

He is so dedicated to his customers, that until he can devote the proper time, energy and attention to an online store, he has put it on hold for a short time as he gets all his ducks in a row. SMART MAN at work, people. He is so dedicated to his beliefs, that he’s also on the board at Suffolk County Celiacs and is part of the Kicking 4 Celiac Foundation.

Pricing is on-par for Gluten Free items

We all know how expensive going Gluten Free can be. Trust me, I know all about a healthy lifestyle costing more money. However, my thought process goes like this: nutrition is the best medicine out there. If you have good, quality nutrition, the doctor visit co-pays will start to go down. Along with the visits going down, prescriptions will, too. Saves us a lot of money, I know that for sure!

In order to help offset some of the costs, Strictly Gluten Free has a fantastic loyalty program. No card needed. Just give your name and information when you start shopping there. THEN, each time you shop there, give your name and when you reach a certain dollar amount, over time, you will receive a $5 off coupon.

If you’re a part of the Suffolk County Celiacs, you can get a 10% discount when you shop. Again, just give your name each time you shop there, the discount is yours! He’s always working on improved ways to help people save money, PLUS he’s also big on offering free events to anyone who wishes to attend.

Bigger doesn’t mean better

Strictly Gluten Free is not a huge store, but it’s packed with the best Gluten Free has to offer. It’s even got some dairy free products, along with other items I’m sure you’ll love. I was rather impressed to see cannoli shells, plus the cream! My Italian friends, this is the place to hit when Easter comes and you’re looking for the cannoli you love so much! Plus, I was happy to see Tiramisu there, along with so much pasta, your head will spin.

What the store is all about

  • customer service
  • a real joy and passion for healthy living
  • a devotion to educating people on good health
  • owners taste everything they stock

It’s even got the frugal aspect I love so much:

  • rewards/loyalty program
  • 10% off for Suffolk County Celiacs members

Strictly Gluten Free is located at 396A Larkfield Road, East Northport, NY 11731. You can check out their website at www.strictlyglutenfree.com. Plus, call them anytime at 855.GF.LIVING (or 631.486.6835). Steve’s there to help, educate and serve!

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