Taste of Italia: 5 must try Italian Restaurants in Sydney

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Over the last few months, I gave myself some time off. I wandered around the city, and enjoyed myself to the fullest. Now, since I’m a huge fan of Italian cuisine, I thought to myself, why wouldn’t I do a little research on the local cuisine? Every day, for a few months, I visited different Italian places all over Sydney.

Taste of Italia in Sydney

Taste of Italia: 5 must try Italian Restaurants in Sydney

While visiting each place, I rated them in my tiny notebook. Somehow (believe me, it was the hardest part for me,) I managed to sum up the best five restaurants. Of course, the best restaurants based on my standards. Make sure you check out the places I feel epitomize the taste of Italia.


It’s as if you’re in an art gallery in the middle of Italy, but you’re allowed to eat in the gallery. Cool, right? Lucio’s is filled with paintings, and sketches. The walls are full of people, food and animal pictures, as well as paintings. What caught my eye was the bar. It tells its own story with fish, chickens, ducks etc. I think it may be strategic, because it’s a great distraction while you’re waiting for your food! Try counting all the art pieces in the room, and before you finish, your food has arrived. Of course, the food is magnificent. Super clean presentation, and the staff is friendly, and agile. The restaurant has a great selection of the finest wines, and a great music pumping through the dining room. For me, I give it a ten out of ten, and will eat there again.

Da Orazio Pizza and Porchetta

Pizza lovers out there, you’ll love Da Orazio Pizza and Porchetta. My suggestion? Don’t go there when you’re starving. You’ll order everything on the menu, trust me. Been there, almost done that. I believe they look at pizzas like their own art show projects. All the pizzas are beautifully seasoned, smoky and soft, yet charred just enough. The desserts are also magnificent, and drinks are easy, and delicious (just like everything else here.) The staff is extremely nice, and always smiling. It’s their goal please their customers.   

Osteria Balla Manfredi

The food at Osteria Balla Manfredi may be Italian, but as for the interior, not so much. There’s no terra cotta here. No amphora jugs. No pictures with Italian landscapes. There are enormous glass windows opening onto Pyrmont Bay with city views. Strange looking chairs sit on bleached wooden floors. A super long bar is accented by awesome lighting. It’s modern and stylish. The service is friendly, and quick. Food is tasty, and nicely presented. Some of the desserts (like coffee brulee with raspberries) aren’t that good, in my opinion. All in all, it’s a place where your eyes have plenty to look at, and you’ll be pleased with your meal. Make sure you visit it as soon as you can.

Kirribilli Café

It may be not as popular as the others, but Kirribilli Cafe definitely has something. That something is soul. The beautiful and cozy Kirribilli Village Café is located at 3 Broughton Street. In my opinion, it’s the perfect place for those who like to get away from crowded places. The food is beautiful, and the service is excellent. Since it’s so small and, in a way, really private, it makes you feels like you’re eating at home, without having to cook, or clean up after you eat! The place is new, and very nicely designed. It surrounds guest in wonderful shades of green, wood and black. All of it relaxes you. It’s soothing, and pleasant. Great place to visit with your family, or your partner.


Just telling it like it is: Uccello isn’t inexpensive at all, but trust me, it’s worth every single penny. First of all, the view of the city, and port, is breathtaking. It makes you feel like you’re sitting in the middle of a James Bond movie. The restaurant has a professional sommelier who helps you with wine. The wait staff is perfect, and the food is absolutely incredible. I would highly recommend visiting this with your partner. Just make sure you reserve a table if you’re going there on Friday, or over the weekend, because it can be really crowded.

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