The Little Book of Diet Help

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I’m not big on calling things “diets.” I prefer to call them lifestyle changes. The word diet has been given a negative connotation, even though it only means food and drink in terms of how it translates to your health. However, when people hear “diet,” it’s cringeworthy. Our brains think “I have to lose weight,” and we want to run from the room, screaming.

Diet, what is it

Using the word “diet” is the only thing I find not amazing about The Little Book of Diet Help. However, I know why she did what she did. I mean, everyone wishes for help when “dieting,” right? Unfortunately, we’ve taken the word diet, and made it into a verb, and the verb makes us sad. We think of being deprived of food. Not just deprived of “food,” but rather, fun foods like chips, cheese doodles, and cake. I know. Been there.

What is The Little Book of Diet Help

First of all, I’m big on visualizing my goals, and positive thinking, and tuning out nay-sayers. A book like Kimberly Willis’s, works for me.

  • It helps people break down the negative emotions all of us link to food.
  • The book explains how foods affect your mood, and your body, too.
  • It helps people realize bad eating habits they participate in.
  • Finally, this book teaches people to create new, and improved eating habits, without making readers of the book feel guilty for having the bad habits to begin with.

Biggest takeaway from The Little Book of Diet Help: how easily she created a way to understand when I engage in emotional eating, as opposed to eating when I’m hungry. It’s not easy to make that distinction. Willis teaches how it is done, and she does it with ease.

It’s amazing how she:

  • explains factoids about dieting, food, and eating habits, whilst giving fantastic tips on how to use acupressure, along with hypnosis exercises, to get your brain to cut out the food cravings.
  • introduces tapping to readers, and even more amazing, it’s actually effective (I totally thought it wasn’t going to be! I figured “yeah, sure, whatever.”)

Final thoughts on Kimberly Willis’s diet book

If you buy the book, and aren’t open mind, it won’t work for you. Save your money. However, if you’re willing to spend time actively participating in the tapping, meditation, and other tips Willis provides, this book is a great extra helper when you’re tackling your next “lifestyle” change.

Eating healthier, losing weight, and increasing your energy lifestyle changes. I refuse to refer to this as “a diet” helper. Yes, it’s in the title of the book, but that word just makes me CRINGE.

It’s a super inexpensive book, totally chock full of value. I’d say go for it. It can only help!

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*I received this book a long time ago. I’d say at least a year ago. It’s a tiny book, and it ended up under a HUGE pile of books I’m getting through. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. Kimberly Willis May 9, 2013 at 3:40 am

    Hello Staci,

    I just came across your review of my book – and wanted to say a big Thank You! Your wonderful review has really made my day!


    • November Sunflower May 9, 2013 at 7:37 am

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it! It’s a rather helpful book. I’m glad I was given the opportunity to read it. Sorry it took so long!!!

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